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Brilliant Opportunities

We have created this webpage as a brilliant resource for you to study for your GED.

Please utilize all available opportunities to prepare yourself for your GED test and beyond.

If you have any links you would like to share please submit them so others may benefit.

Thank you

Richard Thompson


GED - Passing The Test.

This Brilliant document will give you the overview of you need to know about the infrastructure of the GED test.

Link below

For the Educator - GED

This document is for the teachers..

Because it is YOUR GED I want you to study what the teachers do of best practices to teach the GED.

Link below...


Create your own account on the My GED

MEL - Michigan E Library

Michigan Library System has a brilliant resource for you to study with.

Link below.

You will have to create a free account to access.

GED Practice Study Test

From Department of Michigan Library System...

GED Flash Cards on an APP - Submitted by: Samantha Farrah


Samantha has used this APP - Downloadable from I tunes and Google Play to help her study.

Thank you Samantha for the fantastic resource...

Link below

Math - Youtubes - Submitted by: Tosha Hattendorf

Tosha has used these links to help her with Math..

The following link is for algebra.

The following is a link for adding & subtracting fractions.

The following is a for multiply & divide fractions.

Thank you Tosha