Funocratic Party

Corey Price

Help Us Pass our new Gun Control Law

The Funocratic Party is trying to pass a new law to decrease and hopefully end gun related crimes. The law, if passed, will stop the crimes and put the guns into hands of people who need them, instead of people that will abuse the weapon.

Our Stance On The Topic Of Gun Control:

We believe that guns are useful and good if used in the way they were intended. They would be used for hunting and self-protection, not crime. The citizens interested in owning a gun would have to go through an application process and testing to make sure they are capable of owning a gun and that they will use them the right way.

Gun Control Vote

Thursday, Nov. 21st, 5pm

Your Local Fire Department

Your local fire department will have booths set up where you will vote on if the law will be passed or not.

Please help us put an end to all these gun related crimes and get the guns into handws of people who need them.

Thank You!!