Infectious deseases

You dont want them

What you get can sick from

1 Touching someone kissing, blood ,fluid, coughing, ect

2 Touching animals getting attacked by animals and touching animals things

3 Having your mother give you it

4 Touching anything

5 Bugs

6 Food and water

6.5 (Anything)

How to avoid getting sick

1 Stay away form humans and anything else alive

2 Stay at home

3 Use tissues

4 Wash you hands (use soap and time)

5 Don't touch your ears eyes or nose

6 Get vaciines

Food safty

1 Watch what the government says about unsafe food

2 Use a thermometer to see if food is cooked well

3 Wash your hands before and after using food

4 Use tools and wash them

5 Rinse fruits and vegetables

6 Keep meat away from everything else

7 Don't keep raw meat laying around

8 Use a cutting bored only for meat

9 Put food in the fridge before two hours have passed

10 Keep fridge at 40 F

11 Thaw meat in fridge not counter

12 Don't over fill the fridge

12.5 (Use common sense)