A Call for Stella & Dot Leadership!

It is just so much fun - who wants join us???

You're invited to join us in Stella & Dot Leadership!

You're invited to join us in Stella & Dot Leadership!

I hope you decide to join us!

A week ago, today, Melissa & I joined Michael Lohner for a day of training in Boston. Personally, it was a last minute decision to attend because I had been doing a ton of trunk shows & just needed a break. HowEVER, when I heard I qualified for the leader lunch with only 3 other local leaders, I could NOT miss this once & a lifetime chance to chat with Michael Lohner. I can honestly pinpoint this lunch as a turning point for me in my Stella & Dot career. I left this experience truly BELIEVING in my future with Stella & Dot and realizing that my life could be happier with Stella & Dot in it.

A couple of reasons why:

1. Stella & Dot is committed to the ultimate customer experience. Will there be glitches every once in a while? Yes! But that is the ONLY way we can learn & move forward in a more efficient way!

2. Stella & Dot is committed to develop a product line that appeals to ALL demographics! Stay tuned for what's to come in April!!!

3. We are our VERY OWN FASHION HOUSE! What does this mean? We are JUST like Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton. Why? Because we design, from scratch, ALL our pieces. They are CUSTOM-MADE. All other jewelry distributors are just retailers of someone else's designs & products!

4. Stella & Dot is launching an updated leadership & compensation plan from which EVERYONE on our team can benefit. Think: let's just share this opportunity with ONE PERSON!

5. Lastly (and I know I had more take-aways :), I know that my WHY with Stella & Dot is to BE happy with my children & family. Mike told me the story of the Bamboo tree. In a nutshell, the Chinese farmer waters the bamboo seed every day for FIVE YEARS, without any results. Then, one day there is a sprout. And, then 8 weeks later, the bamboo trees are 90 feet tall!!! Imagine putting your energy into something for 5 years, without ANY results, but not quitting. Then seeing the fruit of your labor results in a 90 foot tall that grew within a few short weeks!! THIS is what I needed to hear & THIS is why I know I can be happy in this career!

And, so I ask you: who feels so excited about this company, and our future, that you see yourself sharing your excitement with just one customer, friend or family member??? If that is YOU, then consider yourself invited to Stella & Dot Leadership!

It dawned on me that sometimes you just need to be INVITED to know you are WELCOME! So, consider this your invitation AND it is open to ALL STYLISTS (no matter how new you are!).

Just respond & tell me that you accept my invitation & stay tuned for our new leadership program details!!!


Candice Berube

STAR Stylist