Health Class. Newsletter

Rosie Villatoro

What do you hope to accomplish during High School?

I hope to accomplish in exceeding in every class. I want many colleges and university's to notice me in every way, so I may have many opportunities when the High school dream ends and I have what I need to make a living for myself.

What do you see yourself doing after High School?

Having savings so I can start off and go to the college of my own choice. After College i would like to go to Law School for about 4 years but with a full ride. Then work at a law firm in the city of Dallas. And go to a ministry school on the side.

I have big expectations of my self after high school. But if I do my best I know I can get many opportunities in different schools.

What do you hope your life will be like in your 20's?

In my 20's I won't be partying much I will be studying the hardest. I wanna have great opportunities and I need to try and give my best in life. I will be having fun but with the right kind of crowd.

3 Things you could do to improve your health.

- Go to the gym, be active when I have a lot of time on my hands.

- Eat more fruit over chips or cookies

- Don't ignore any signs that may leave up to illness.

At home I like to...

Rest and spend time with my family. I like to get rest before I go and do my plans for the day. Also spending fun time with my family, just getting to sit around the table talking about anything with them makes me happy.

At School I like to...

Be hands on, I like to help out in everything and anything.

I makes friends easily and that's a good talent to use in the business

I know how to break the ice.

People I like to hangout with...

I love hanging out with out going people. That won't shut up and love to have a good laugh. But also that can sit down and be taken serious. That aren't shy and follow there heart. That rather sit down and watch a comedy movie with a group of friends than sit alone and be on the computer for hours.

I am good at

Making friends, I like to talk and I always know what to say. I am a very easy going person and many people can notice that the first encounter with me.

A quaility I like about myself & a quality that I'd like to change

I like how friendly I can be with people, I enjoy making people laugh or just to have trust and respect from my friends.

A Quality I would like to change about myself is I'm very easily angered or bothered. When someone looses respect for me or someone else it bothers me and I always get involved. Many people have walked out of my life because of that quality.

Something new I'd like like to try