Connection... your heart. Research shows that our heart "thinks" .

This is your invitation to engage in an Experiential Encounter Workshop and learn about the “Points of You” Coaching Tools.

I believe that "Points of You" is producing the best new tools for Life Coaches, Teachers, Professors, Psychologists, Councelors, Therapists, Sports Coaches, Psychiatrists, Trainers, and for every parent to have handy for those tough conversations with our kids.

These are tools...that are games....!

Two coaches, who had a common thread, invented these games and continue to create more fabulous tools. What was their common thread...?...they watched the movie "Pay It Forward". They definitely are.
And, they are training coaches all over the world!

Now, there is an experienced Life Coach in the Okanagan ready to share these tools with you and/or your group.
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Experience creative skills, being used by thousands of professionals worldwide, to carry forward into your personal and professional life.

Companies like Cirque Du Soleil, L’Oreal, Canada; Google, and NASA are enhancing their team relationships, increasing leadership skills, and building bridges to resolve differing opinions in the workplace. The possibilities are endless!

..Different POINTS of VIEW..."POINTS of YOU" (TM)

Contact Points of You Trainer Sandy Mills to book your experiential workshop or session. Let's connect to what our hearts are "thinking".

Train the Leader Training, 1:1 Coaching, Mentor Training, and Group Coaching are more of the amazing opportunities available.

(*ask how ICF Coaches can receive points towards their yearly requirements) .

Lets chat!

Life Coach and Mentor Trainer

Sandy Mills


“I am so thankful to have Sandy in my life as a guidance, mentor and friend. Sandy has an amazing energy and light that can be felt across the world, from Canada to Australia. Sandy's coaching has changed my life into something I used to think was only a dream. She has a natural guiding and teaching ability that is complimented with her strong intuition and powerful heart ; her devotion to helping others excel in their life is amazing. She has wonderful advice and useful tools for opening minds and hearts. Every time I communicate with Sandy, whether it be via phone, email or text, I feel uplifted by her energy. Few people I have met radiate in such a way. I believe Sandy is a true gift as an inspiration and mentor.” P