Tea-Making Refrigerator!!!

Jessica Keziah

About this Great Kitchen Appliance

This refrigerator looks like any other refrigerator you have ever seen but its not!!

This one has a built-in tea maker where the ice maker is!!

So not only do you get ice you also get fresh tea to go along with it.

With one click you have a fresh glass of tea. You can get the single door with freezer on other side (above) or get a double door with freezer underneath (below)

How it safes energy?

This refrigerator will lower you water bill in just a matter of not making tea. The tea maker is using water from the ice maker and purifying it to put in the tea. You won't ever have to worry about it not be safe because it goes through the purifier. It also saves energy because the light is not producing a lot of heat.

Where can you get it? How much does it cost?

You can get this awesome refrigerator right now for $220!!

That's a great deal!!

Go to your local sears right now and pick yours up before they are all gone!!