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A Message From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

We had a delegation of educationalists travel from Sweden to visit us this week, wanting to experience what it is we are doing with IT and how we are using Google and Chrome Books to enhance the children’s learning. It was wonderful to welcome teachers from another country into the school for the second year running and they were so complimentary about Handcross Park and especially the children.

The Pre-Prep Forum was another successful gathering this week, with some constructive dialogue on further improvements we are able to make in the weeks and months ahead, for the good of the children. Once the Prep Forum has taken place, we will send out the minutes for all parents to read. We have an 80% success rate on implementing suggested changes made at the Forum and when we are unable to do this we always explain why. It is another example of school and parents working together positively for the community and I would like to thank parents for their support in this regard.

Although the rugby fixtures were cancelled this week due to the hard ground (we always take this very seriously) there were some excellent netball, hockey and swimming results which the children can feel very proud of. Well done to you all.

I wrote to Years 2-5 parents this week to remind them that the Brighton College Open Morning is taking place next Saturday (30th January). Please do make sure you register because these events are always very popular and places do get booked up. Come and say hello and have a coffee with me if you are attending – I am happy to answer any additional questions. We will be writing to all our Year 5 parents this term to invite them in to discuss future senior school options after Year 8.

Next week the scholars have their mock exams, there is a Year 4 trip to the Herstmonceaux Science Observatory, plenty of sports fixtures, a PSHE afternoon, Year 2 and 3 Afternoon Tea with the Head of Lower School, parents evenings and an informal music / drama recital – another productive and industrious week at Handcross Park. I look forward to seeing you at one of these events.

Have a good weekend.

Be Trewe.

Graeme Owton


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A Note from The Chair

With a chill in the air we seem to have hit winter with a bang this week. Maybe we can warm things up with a hotly contested Quiz Night?

Just around the corner, Mark (Harrison) is busy putting together the questions for The Friends’ Annual Quiz Night being held on Saturday, 5 March 2016 at 8pm. If you want to enter a team, please have your Team Leader let Cathryn know that you will be entering on cvmpernstich@btinternet.com. To help the evening go with a swing you are welcome to bring your own food and drink along. You will also need to bring any crockery and cutlery that you might want to use.

We had our first Committee Meeting of 2016 last week, which had much positive feedback from the happenings of last year and also threw into the mix some ideas going forwards.

The Friends are keen to run a Summer Fair and are looking for suggestions for Stalls. If each year group could please make some suggestions to its Year Rep, we can moot those at the next Committee Meeting on 8 March 2016.

We also discussed holding a clothing sale as a money raising event. This is a suggestion that has come from a parent and which was a success at another school. The idea behind this would be for outgrown children’s clothes of good quality and condition to be donated to The Friends. The Friends would then host an evening where those clothes could be purchased at £1 per item. A ticket price of £5 would be charged per person to attend the evening, with the ticket price including drinks and nibbles. Whilst the event will not be scheduled to happen until Autumn 2016, we wondered if you might start to put aside any outgrown clothes now in readiness? Maybe an early spring clean?

We hope that you can support us in these future events.

As ever, if you have any questions or comments then please do contact me. Julie

P.S. Did you know that the word "Dalai" actually means "Ocean" in Mongolic and the "Dalai Lama" literally means "The Ocean Guru"?

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News From the Boarding House

Last Saturday the boarders visited The Triangle swimming pool and despite the cold weather they had a fantastic time on the slides, some were even brave enough to go outside!

On Sunday the snow that we had been waiting for finally appeared. Before breakfast the children wrapped up warmly and went outside to build snowmen. In the afternoon the children went to Horsham to stock up on essential items for the coming weeks.

The new tuck shop has proved to be very popular, please could you allow your child to bring in a small amount of money so that they can also have this treat once a week. Mrs Davis


BBC Radio 2 – 500 word story competition

BBC Radio 2 have launched their 500 word story competition again this year and we think it would be great if some of the children at HXP decided to get involved. All the information on how to take part can be found via the following website http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00rfvk1 . We would love to hear of any stories submitted, especially if we are allowed to read them as well! Good luck!

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Question: How do I print from my Chrome book

Google Cloud Print Overview


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Effort: Luca Long

Dining Room Etiquette: Ella Trowell

Courtesy: Reece Appadu

Year 4

Effort: Alex Kennell

Dining Room Etiquette: Lily Bendall

Courtesy: Sulayman Makeem


HXP Year 5 & 6 Swimming Gala v Dorset House

1st Handcross Park A 76 points

2nd Handcross Park B 51 points

3rd Dorset House A 46 points

4th Dorset House B 12 points (did not enter all races)

The Year 5 and 6 boys and girls that participated in this swimming gala swam their absolute socks off showing what a strong year group they are when it comes to competitive swimming. It was fantastic to get so many of them in the pool for our gala against Dorset House, who swam very competitively, and only narrowly missed out on 2nd place during the medley and freestyle relays. A special mention for Finn Edgar on an amazing swim in his first swimming gala for Handcross Park - well done! Also thankyou to Louise Bradley, Georgia Millar-Smith and Gabi Brookes for helping at the gala too. Huge congratulations to the whole team for a brilliant team performance! Miss Robinson.


On Wednesday we hosted a delegation of Swedish educators who were keen to see how we are using Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education. They were all suitably impressed with the quality of teaching and attitude of the children.

Yr 8 Chrome Captain Speeches


Snapchat - Social Media Safety Guide

Definition: Snapchat is a messaging service that allows people to send photos and short videos to each other, called Snaps. Distinguishing feature: the photos you send disappear. Seconds after opening snaps, users can no longer access them and the images are deleted from the company’s servers.

Snapchat Age limitations

People under the age of 13 are prohibited from creating Snapchat accounts. However, children under the age of 13 can register for the Snapchat app (and when they insert an age under 13 years old) Snapchat becomes: “Snapkidz,” a limited- functionality version of Snapchat. It includes the familiar interface for taking Snaps, captioning, drawing, and saving Snaps locally on the device, but does not support sending or receiving Snaps or adding friends.

Sexting is a major concern

One major concern with Snapchat is ‘sexting’ and how teen Snapchat users use the app.
One of the reasons teens are sending inappropriate Snaps, is that their parents aren’t on Snapchat.


The School Shop will now be open every day during each term between the hours of 8am and 9am.


Congratulations to Isobel Owen who has passed her Grade 2 LAMDA exam and achieved distiction!


Boys’ Hockey Season

The boys’ hockey season is fast approaching, with training beginning on Friday 5th February. As you may have noticed, hockey sticks are now part of the boys kit list for Years 5 to 8 and these can be purchased from the School Shop at a very reasonable price or via a sports shop. Please ensure that these are clearly named in order that we can return any lost sticks. These are to be stored on pegs in the changing rooms. Boys will also require mouthguards and shin pads.

Thank you for your support. Mr Evans


Second Hand Sale – Including Summer Uniform & Cricket kit

There will be a second hand uniform sale on Friday the 26th Feb from 8am – 10 am & 3pm – 5pm

If your child has outgrown any of the summer uniform or cricket kit this would be an ideal opportunity to bring it to the school shop for re-sale prior to this date.



100 House Points: Raphael Leigh

200 House Points: Isla Bertelsen, Ella Pooley, Sophia Mordaunt

300 House Points: Bailey Brown


200 House Points: Jack Pace, Roseanna Colley, Alex Loder, Flora Borthwick, Annalise Hardman, Kyle Williams, Elina Smith


100 House Points: Aiden Dunne, Charlie Spiers, Amber Dunne, Eliza Hawley

200 House Points: Luca Long, Seamus Robinson, Isabel Carter


100 House Points: Stanley Stonehill, Harrison Findlay

200 House Points: Gemma Rose, Margarita Voloshina

300 House Points: Karim Nakouzi







A family agreement is a great way to start a conversation with your whole family about how you all use the internet and discuss together how to behave in a positive way when online at home, at school or at a friends house.



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Joshua Whitehall Smith

Jemima Hirons

Ava-Grace Summers

Biba Bentley

Mohammad Khan

Megan Hay

Reece Appadu

The following children celebrate their birthday during the week ahead:
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This week in Reception, RS received a wanted poster from the Old Lady looking for her gingerbread man. We retraced his steps whilst learning about positional language, interviewed the fox to see if he had eaten him, helped the old lady protect her new batch of gingerbread men from the leaky roof and also helped her make some! RM used lots of positional language when hunting for a rogue troll this week and worked hard at getting to grips with their left and rights. The lost troll was finally found FROZEN in a big ice block over at our Prep School. Finding the troll was very useful as we were able to get to the bottom of why he was so grumpy. Apparently he felt left out. So we have talked lots about how to manage feelings and deal with such situations appropriately. We experimented with melting ice in an effort to free the poor troll and have written instructions for the goats on how to grow grass (we also admired the trolls new hair cut after the ice ruined his). What a week!

Year 1 have been set an exciting task in literacy this week – to create a non-fiction book all about space, full of detailed information and pictures. Each pair took on a different topic, such as rockets, galaxies or Tim Peake. We then put all our work together and we will be proudly displaying our completed book in the Pre-Prep library. We have also looked at the life cycles of stars, and made some meteor cakes in our art lessons.

This week Year 2 heard that Wally has now left Ghana, but remained in Africa. He is staying in a remote village, where he has enjoyed sitting around a camp fire in the evenings, listening to folk tales told over generations. He introduced us to the story of ‘Tortoise’s Dream’, about a group of animals who set out to find the ‘Omombo-rombonga tree’, which will shower them with all the fruits of the earth if they can find its whereabouts and remember its name! We had great fun exploring the tale through role play and group storytelling…more to follow next week!

At the end of last week, Year 2 hosted a Fair Trade Charity Bake Sale. There was much excitement with the preparations and ‘manning of the stalls’. It even inspired some bake sales at home and at parent’s work places. Thank you to all those involved and who supported these events. All together we raised a just over £160 to help the banana workers. Wow!



RS Vigo Weightman

RM Max Dinning

1W Alexander Tsitoura

1D Alex Moirinho

2R Constance Whale


Reception - Darcey Chelmick

Year 1 - Iris Tsitoura

Year 2 - Persephone Boyle


Subhan Khan in 2L has lost a pair of football boots, they are black with orange stripes and are named. If found please return to the Pre-Prep office.


Zach Collison, Max Dinning, Zachary Ford, Beatrice Hogarth, Ava King, George Musgrave, Fahren Elmellas, Rory McGavock, Louis Moseley Davis, Aoife Dobbs, Ibraheem Kashif, Henry Kennell, Persephone Boyle, Annabel Skerrett, Amelia Crocker, Jemima Hirons, Oliver Lindsay & Ellen Thorne


RS - Lauren Bushell

RM - Jimmy Hardman

1W - Simon Wakefield

1D - Ibraheem Kashif

2R - Jemima Hirons

2L - Sophia Findlay



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BLUE 100


RED 94



LITTLE OWLS..........

The children have had a lovely time playing with smooth, creamy custard this week, making delicious pies in lots of different shapes. The little Owls have also practised their problems solving skills by selecting different sized shapes to correspond with their puzzles.

Making the most of the dry, crisp mornings the children have enjoyed playing in the sand pit, digging for treasure and having lots of fun!

We have nearly finished our display of the children wearing a selection of Winter clothes, please do come in and see your child’s work.

The children have had a lovely time playing with smooth, creamy custard this week, making delicious pies in lots of different shapes. The little Owls have also practised their problems solving skills by selecting different sized shapes to correspond with their puzzles.

Making the most of the dry, crisp mornings the children have enjoyed playing in the sand pit, digging for treasure and having lots of fun!

We have nearly finished our display of the children wearing a selection of Winter clothes, please do come in and see your child’s work.

WISE OWLS ........

This week’s more seasonal chilly weather has provided us with many wonderful sights to explore and talk about on our ‘Winter Walks’. Our Wise Owls children loved our walk through the thick frost on the field, which one child described delightfully as looking “just like sugar”. The Pre-Prep fountain glistened with ice “like glass” and we returned to find that our rubber ducks had frozen on their pond! The natural world gave us the perfect setting to discover more about ‘Opposites’ as we have been learning about liquids and solids. We returned to the classroom and enjoyed a special treat of hot chocolate and the children loved to speak about what they had observed.

In the classroom, we are preparing to open a ‘Wise Owls Doctors Surgery’ in the Role Play Area and the children have been learning about the bones in their bodies and have been creating their own x-ray pictures to put on display in the Surgery.


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