The Weekly Growl

April 6 - 12, 2014

This Week

Monday, April 7

  • 3:45 Faculty Meeting, Lecture Hall

Tuesday, April 8

  • Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 9

  • Dress to the Nines Day
  • 3:30 CLT Meeting

Thursday, April 10

  • 3:30 - 5:30 Math Thursday Academy

Friday, April 11

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt
  • 5th Six Weeks Ends

Saturday, April 12

  • 9:00 - 12:00 Science/Social Studies Saturday Academy

Next Week

Monday, April 14

  • April Student of the Month Nominations Due
  • 6:00 - 8:00 Parent Involvement Night
  • 6:30 PTA General Meeting, Cafeteria - Officer Elections and Budget Approval

Tuesday, April 15

  • Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 16

  • Dress to the Nines Day
  • 3:30 Grade Level Meetings
  • 3:30 - 5:30 Math Not Thursday Academy

Thursday, April 17

  • Report Cards Go Home
  • 5:30 Boys and Girls Soccer @ CD Fulkes

Friday, April 18

  • Spring Holiday

Upcoming Events

April 21 April Staff of the Month Nominations Open

April 22 STAAR Grades 6 and 7 Math

April 22 STAAR Grade 8 Social Studies

April 23 STAAR Grades 6 and 7 Reading

April 23 STAAR Grade 8 Science

April 23 3:30 Committee Meetings

April 23 6:30 PTA Board Meeting

April 24 5:30 Boys and Girls Soccer vs. Deerpark

April 25 7:45 Student Recognition Ceremony, Lecture Hall

April 26 Latin Ensemble Spring Carnival

April 28 April Staff of the Month Nominations Due

April 28 May Student of the Month Nominations Open

May 1 Boys and Girls Soccer vs. Grisham @ Westwood HS

May 2 End of 3rd Week of 6th Six Weeks

May 5 6:-00 - 8:00 Parent Involvement Night

May 5 May Student of the Month Nominations Due

May 6 5:00 Site Based Meeting

May 7 1:30 Early Release

May 7 1:30 Faculty Meeting

May 8 Progress Reports Go Home

May 8 Boys and Girls Soccer @ Chisholm Trail

May 12 May Staff of the Month Nominations Open

May 14 3:30 CLT Meeting

May 15 Boys and Girls Soccer vs. Hopewell

May 16 7:45 Student Recognition Ceremony, Lecture Hall


Veronika Lopez 14

Kadia Koch 21

Carly Boeselt 23

Stephanie Stoebe 23

Mary Helen Tamayo 24

Jayson Sherman 27

Travis Mutscher for holding it down and doing the job of 4 people. We all appreciate your hard work.

Evelyn Cubias for her consistently positive, helpful personality.

Wendy Tucker and Cherri Urban for feeding my addiction to books. You ladies make going to the library a treat!

Maryadele Troxler for being my partner in crime and my brain. YOU CAN DO IT! ;)

8th grade teachers for overall super-stardom.

Desiree Le for stepping in to help out with math. You are greatly appreciated!

Hernandez staff for being a great group of people to work with. Your dedication to our students is awe inspiring. You make a difference every single day!

- Elaine Fowler

Kelli Hutka, Kerry Kasparian, and Jennifer Lillard for rocking the house with the check in and check out of STAAR materials! Y'all are amazing!!! Thank you!!!

Alicia Selestino and Bob Ester for holding down the FOCUS front while I was locked away in the dungeon! You two are amazing and I am so blessed to work with such rock stars!!!

Travis Mutscher - you have been such a bright spot during this difficult time on our campus. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate your leadership, candor, professionalism, and great sense of humor. Thank you for being exactly what Hernandez needs!

Kim Pollini for keeping me laughing during STAAR!

ALL the AMAZING Bulldog Teachers and Staff - thank you for your flexibility and understanding during STAAR time! I really appreciated the cool, calm, and collected attitude that permeated the school. Y'all are amazing and I feel very fortunate to work with y'all.

- Nicki Haulotte

Alicia Selestino and Bob Ester for going above and beyond in collaborating with teachers and finding creative solutions for challenging students.

Travis Mutscher, Nicky Haulotte, and everyone else involved for an absolutely seamless STAAR administration! I had everything I needed for student accommodations, materials checkout was super-efficient, and we were able to start the test promptly.

Clarissa Lopez and her creative, self-motivated group of kids for the Latin Ensemble's performance on Wednesday. It's great to see her students growing both in musical ability and in leadership skills!

Ashley Brunette, Samuel Smith, and Veronika Lopez for the Bulldog Cafe. It's an amazing service to the staff to provide yummy, affordable breakfasts and lunch. More importantly, though, is the opportunity for us to get to know the students in FAC and see their learning and growth. This morning, when I walked into the Cafe, one student greeted me, another took my money, a third made me a cup of coffee. They are practically self-sufficient--such a transformation since August!

- Julia Ross

Travis is freaking awesome.

- Danielle Lacey Jackson

Kudos to the Bulldog Nation for being a family. I love you guys!

Kudos to TRAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For being a huge hunk of AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!

Kudos to all the Knights of the Round Table.

- Jennifer Bloch

TRAVIS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack of all trade and Master MUCH!!

Thank you for KEEPING CALM and leading well!

We Love you!

- Reale

Kudos to Travis Mutscher for doing such an amazing job with STAAR last week and for his continued leadership and good humor. We appreciate all that you do for us!!

- Wendy Tucker

Thank you Travis and Nicky for all your hard work on STAAR. Very smooth administration.

Kudos to Casey Gembicki for testing minecraft in the ELA Classroom. Stop by and see the wonders his students are creating.

Kudos to Jay Ferguson and Ledell Maynor for working together to share technology and make it work in their classrooms.

Thanks to the entire staff for your help in getting the climate survey done. You all went out of your way to get this done and I know we will have 100% participation. You all are the best staff in the whole world!

- Irma Bauer

Kudos to Travis Mutscher...............what a great leader! Thank you for staying calm and carrying on!

- Maryadele Troxler

KUDOS to Mr. Mutscher for being a stand up guy, for being an AMAZING AP, and for always doing what is best for this campus. This past week he has yet again demonstrated true leadership and I am proud to call him my administrator.

- Laura Terry

Kudos to Travis for holding down the fort, a smooth running STAAR session, and his positive attitude.

- Kathy Green

To Mrs. Donosso, Mrs. Gamas, and Mrs. Castillo for helping and going above and beyond their duties while short staffed.

Mr. King and Mr. Shelby for all their support and support of staff and office.

- Evelyn Cubias

A little "Feel Good" for your Monday...