January Newsletter

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Crisis Drills

Throughout the year, we have been practicing all of our possible crisis drills. In December we walked the students through what they should do in case of an earthquake. Teachers talked to their students in an age appropriate way and some even showed a small cartoon from the state that explained what an earthquake is and how to protect themselves.

January our drill was a medical emergency designed more for our building crisis team to review roles and responsibilities. If you ever have any questions or concerns please reach out through a phone call or email.

Misty Gawith

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Absence Reminder

The student handbook states the following:

Attendance is important for continuous learning. The parent should notify the school by 10:00 am if the child is absent. If you are unable to call, please send a note with your child on return to school. If you know in advance that your child is going to be absent, telephone the office to get the assignments. Unexcused absences will be reported to parents or guardians. Excessive absences (3 days or more) will require written documentation from a physician. Students with unexcused absences for three consecutive school days or five school days in any semester or seven school days in any school year, whichever of the foregoing occurs first, the child shall be considered to be not attending school as required by law.

Valentine's Day Parties

Our Valentine's Day Party will be Thursday, February 13 @ 2:30 pm. Just a reminder that flowers and balloons cannot go home on the bus. All deliveries will be held in the office until dismissal. Thanks for your cooperation.
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On sale the week of February 10th-13th. The cost of the pencils are $1.00. Thanks for helping us fund our playground!!

From Christan Rose: COE Nurse


Sleep…. What a boring topic! Hopefully you don’t fall asleep while reading this, because it really is important. Sleep is especially important for children as it can affect their mental and physical development.

The National Sleep Foundation gives guidelines for the amount of sleep children need by age group:

Preschoolers (ages 3-5) need approximately 11-13 hours of sleep per day.

School-Aged Children (ages 6-13) need approximately 9-11 hours of sleep per day.

Sleep is not only important for development, it’s an important part of staying healthy. Though getting more sleep won’t prevent getting sick, a lack of sleep does make a difference in how effectively your body fights off infection.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, referring to school-aged kids, “There is an increasing demand on their time from school (e.g., homework), sports and other extracurricular and social activities. In addition, school-aged children become more interested in TV, computers, the media and Internet as well as caffeine products – all of which can lead to difficulty falling asleep, nightmares and disruptions to their sleep. In particular, watching TV close to bedtime has been associated with bedtime resistance, difficulty falling asleep, anxiety around sleep and sleeping fewer hours.”

Often times, the kids will come to the office with an upset stomach or headache, when the issue is really a lack of sleep. When that happens, we usually let them rest in the office for a while and sleep a bit if they need to, but they do miss out on valuable classroom time. Our lives can get hectic and super busy, so we understand it isn’t always easy to keep a routine or make sure your child gets the rest they need, but here are some tips:

  • Maintain a sleep schedule as regular and as consistent as possible.

  • Create a relaxing bedtime routine, such as a warm bath or massage, that ends in the room where the child sleeps.

  • Provide a consistent sleeping environment every night, in a room that is cool, quiet and dark, and most importantly without a TV, computer, or smartphone.

  • Avoid caffeine within a few hours of bedtime.

Hopefully by implementing some of these tips, your child can get the rest they need to keep them on track for learning at school. If there are changes at home that may be affecting your child’s sleep or behavior, it’s always helpful for us to know that as well. Sweet dreams!

Spelling Bee Participants! Congratulations to all 6 class winners!

Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 3 PTO @ 6:00

Feb. 11 5th Grade Colonial Days 10:30-11:30

Feb. 11 6th Grade Band Concert CHS 7:00

Feb. 12 4th Grade Wax Museum 8:40-9:40

Feb. 13 Individual/Class Pictures

Feb 13 Valentine's Party @ 2:30

Feb. 21 Yearbook deadline

Feb 25 CMS visit 6th grade pre-enrollment

Cheering on Butler!

COE Celebrating 101 Days of School!

Right At School News

You are invited to see the Right At School Variety Show.

When: Friday, February 21, 2020, 4:30-5:00 pm

Where: Art and Science Room.

Come watch the students in the Right At School After School Club perform their talents and fun acts.

If you are interested in registering your child in the After School Program please check our website: rightatschool.com to find out more details.

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