Chowan River Basin

By: Cat Loraine

Location of the Chowan basin

The Chowan basin is in North Carolina and Virginia line where the Black Water river and Nottoway river meet. The northeastern NC to the southeastern corner of VA.

Do you live in the Chowan Basin?

Major cities in the North Carolina part of the Chowan basin:
Edenton, Winton, Jackson, and Gatesville
Some counties located in the North Carolina part of the Chowan basin:
Southampton, Greensville, Burnswick, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, Dinwiddle, Sussex, Prince George, and Surry.

The source and the drainage of the Chowan basin

The headwaters/the source region of the river basin:
Southeastern VA and Northeastern NC
Where the basin drains/empties:
Albemarle Sound

Random Facts

The total miles of rivers/streams in the Chowan Basin: 782 Miles
The overall size of the river basin: 4,800^2 Miles
The population as of 2010: 61,548 poeple

Places to visit inside the river basin

  • Barrett's Landing
  • Big Woods State Forest and Wildlife Management Area
  • Black Water Ecological Reserve
  • Chowan Swamp Game Lands
  • Five Forks Battlefield

The water quality

22% of the waters are considered impaired and only partially support uses.

On possible source of water pollution in Chowan River basin

Nutrients, particularly phosphorus.

2 Interesting Facts

  • The bobcat lives there
  • first water body in the state of North Carolina to receive the supplemental Nutrient Sensitive Waters(NSW)