What's happening in RFF?

Teacher: Miss Banda


In Term 2, I am engaging with students from:

*Early Stage 1 (K/1Ella)

*Stage 1 (1/2Dodson and 1/2 Williams)

*Stage 2 (3/4 Purcell and 3/4 Mauboy)

*Stage 3 (5/6Page and 5/6Freeman).

-In Early Stage 1 we have been busy learning about ourselves in the HSIE unit of This is Me! The students have been looking at their own lives and the life stages they have gone through to become such bright students.

-In Stage 1 students have been exploring the unit of Families Past and Present. This unit invites students to look closely at the differences of what was used then and now and share their stories about items or stories that may have been passed down through generations. Students have seemed to enjoy this unit as it has given them a rich insight into how much things have changed in the 21st century!

-In Stage 2 students have been studying the importance of Child protection and methods to keep themselves safe! Students are now familiar with the concept of stranger danger and they have even created and presented their own role plays about protecting themselves in their school and community environments.

-In Stage 3 students have become the experts in the HSIE unit of Gold! Students have discovered many interesting facts -

Did you Know?

-Ballarat is one of the richest gold fields in the world!

-Women didn't need to have a miners permit to mine or pan for gold.

-Some chinese tomb stones from the gold rush times are still found in Australia.

They are currently working on an exciting presentation for their classmates which involves different topics such as Edward Hargraves, transporting gold, the largest gold specimen found and many more! These presentations will be delivered through a means of sources such as PowerPoint, smore or a poster.

Any Questions?

Please don't hesitate to approach me in the school grounds if you have any further queries.

Hope you enjoyed reading: What's happening in RFF?

-Miss Banda