Kirkland Signature Trail Mix

about the product

nutritional facts

This trail mix is

~ 33.3% fat

~ 40% carbs

~ 16.7%protein

~ 30% sugar

facts that make this undeniable

~ satisfies sweet and salty cravings

~ the raisins used to be fruit (fruit is good for you)

~ the almonds, cashews, and peanuts give protein


The total price is $22.46

It costs $5.25 per pound


I went into the kitchen to fix me up some trail mix. And then Darin called me and said lets make a song. Then I came here and I sat on the bed. And now were here making you a song. LA LALALALAAAAAA LALALA LA LA LAAAAAAA!!!!!! There are nuts in my trail mix bag. Not as many as I wish I had. Some people said that raisins are harmful for people, but I don’t think they’re right. Probably talking about prunes. I LOVE RAISINS! THEY USED TO BE GRAPES!!!!!!!! LA LA LALALALA LA LA LALALALA!!!!!!!!!

by madelyn, faith, and steven