All about me!!

By: Kodi

My past, present and my future plans

When I was little, I went to Westdale School. I learned my reading, spelling and writing skills. Once I got older, I was enrolled into Mannheim Middle. That's where my high math and science skills came from. Then it came to high school, the present, and I am presently learning tons of things about many new and exciting subjects. For example I am taking, a high leveled math class, Geometry honors. I thank my mom for my great mathematical skills. Then, my other high up class is, a fairly difficult class, Biology Honors. Then, my other interesting class is Design for Print with Mrs. Diebold. My future plans...hmmm...they're quite complicated. I plan on going to college to be a great Marine Biologist. The reasons why it's going to be hard are because: the traveling to get to a school that will teach classes for that field, the travel cost to go there, moving away from family, my boyfriend, and then there's the enrollment fee to get into that college. And that paragraph pretty much sums up my schooling from the past, present and the future...

My many skills

My many skills range from the difficult strategics of gymnastics to simple drawing. My top skill would have to be singing. I've been singing since the age of 14 so, I have been singing for 3 years now and I love doing it. My mom had her doubts on whether if I could sing or not but, I eventually proved her wrong. I put my singing skills to the test and improved myself for months upon months, until I got into High School. Then, I challenged myself by entering their school choir with instructor Mr. Baker and, he's the person that pushed my singing skills to their limits. And, all his pushing payed off too. I eventually became one of his best singers. My next skill is my drawing skill, which I discovered on a rainy day when I was sitting at home...bored. The only thing I can draw are landscapes though... Then comes my most complicated skill has to be my gymnastics skill. I got that skill because, I had the passion to do it. The person that helps me out the most in that area is, my coach. She is an amazing gymnast. She stated that she has been doing it since she was about 15, and she's now in her mid 20's! Then, there's my skill at Volleyball. I started to do that sport in my Sophmore year in High School. My passion for that drove me to try out for the team, and I loved it!

My furry job

Dogs barking, cats meowing or hissing, birds squawking, or any other animal noises...I can tell you that I've heard it before. That's right, it's because I work with animals of all kinds. Big, small, short, long, noisy or quiet animals...I've dealt with them all. I work at an Animal Shelter and, quite can get annoying sometimes, but I got to put up with it for the sake of the animals, and my pay check. I make sure that the animals get: fed, watered, bathed, groomed, walked/exercised (optional), and clean cages...yuck. Yes, cleaning cages stinks but, it's worth it when I see the happy faces on the animal(s) when they see that their little home is all cleaned up. The job may be a lot of work but, I love dealing with animals. Plus, I love to see the looks on the peoples' faces when they adopt a brand new companion for their home or a gift for their children. Then, the best thing I love to see is...the face of of thankfulness on the animal when it gets walked or carried out by their new family.

My many summer trips to Kentucky

It's summer time...yay!! It's time for me to go to Kentucky with my dad. I do it every single year with him and, I love it. The trip may be a bit of a drag but, it's worth the wait. We spend at least a little past the fourth of July, then we come home. When I'm down there with him, I get a chance to visit my Kentuckian: cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and, grandpas. We spend a huge amount of time with them, especially on the fourth of July. That's when we go and buy a ton of fireworks, then a little after sunset, when it's dark out, we set them off. Well, the adults set them off for the saftey of the children, plus I am afraid to get burned. When the fireworks are set off, we watch them while we play in my cousin's yard. A few days after that, my dad and I say our goodbyes, pack and go back home. The problem is these dad moved away about 2 years ago, and we don't get to do that anymore. Plus...the prices of fireworks have sky rocketed.

What else you want to know about me...

There are quite a lot of things that are interesting about me. It ranges from, me having the ability to speak Spanish, to me having a lot of different types of blood in me. The number one thing I'd like you to know is, I am absolutely terrified of: spiders of any kind, big dogs, heights...not so much anymore though, and bees. I may be allergic to bee stings but, my mom and I are still unsure. Now, I may not look like it but, I can speak quite a bit of Spanish. I learned that from my Spanish classes I've been taking in Leyden and, my best friend, who's Mexican, who's been teaching me bit by bit. As for my blood in me... Some people call me a mutt for a reason. The reasons are because, I have Apache Indian blood in me from my dad's side of the family, I have Canadian blood in me from my mom's side of the family, and lastly...I have a small bit of French in me from my mom's side. And then, I have many interests. For example, I absolutely love to study Dragonology. Lastly, I adore to listen, and sing along to, Japanese Vocoloids.