From the Principal's Pen

September 7, 2021

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Dear Families,

We look forward to welcoming our students back to school tomorrow, Wednesday, September 8th. To our families that are celebrating the holiday this week, we wish you a good and sweet year.

It was difficult to disrupt our New School Year with school closing already. I hope our families are safe and well after being hit with Ida. If you are in need of assistance due to the storm please contact our main office and we will see if we can help connect you with the resources you might need.

We will continue with our theme of FAMILIES AS PARTNERS at Julian Curtiss in the 2021-2022 school year. Keeping you informed and having you as a partner in your child’s education is a key goal. We recognize that while teachers are experts in the classroom, families are experts on their children. There is so much that you and your child’s teacher can learn from each other to support your child’s learning. We need to be able to share that. To make sure that we are starting the year with that kind of sharing in mind, you should have received a WELCOME CALL from your child’s teacher. There are some teachers that are still reaching out and you should hear from them very soon. The teacher wants you to know who will be teaching your child, and will be interested in learning from your expertise. This is a time to let the teacher know how your child’s summer has been, what their interests are, maybe share what your child is good at and what they may struggle with, or if they have any concerns about the upcoming school year. REMEMBER that you are an expert on your child, and what you share with the teacher will help them be a better teacher for your child. It will also be the first in what we hope will be many opportunities for you and your child’s teacher to share information to make sure that your child’s learning and growth is always what you both strive for. Knowing that you and your child’s teacher can talk, share observations, and ask questions is an important part of making that happen. The WELCOME CALL is the beginning of your child, your child’s teacher, and you being a team for education!

Open House which is a night for the teacher to present to the families of their class is on Tuesday, September 28th at 6 pm. It will be virtual and more information will be forthcoming when we get closer to that date.

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Parents and Guardians-

Please join our Big Ideas Math Virtual Parent Night. We look forward to giving you more insight into the Big Ideas Math program. These presentations will cover:

- Big Ideas research and design

- High impact strategies

- Online portal

- Dynamic classroom

- Assignments and reports

- Math tools

- Help at home

- Q & A

Presentations will be recorded and made available for those unable to attend.

September 14 - Elementary Parent Night (7-8 pm)

Zoom Link:

COVID Tracker & Health Alerts

We will be posting a tracker on our COVID information page once again this year with regular updates on Tuesday and Friday morning, with the sole purpose of alerting the GPS community detailed information regarding COVID-19. Positive cases are recorded to the tracker for individuals on school grounds, starting on the first day students reported to class (September 1).

Your school’s principal will once again send Health Alerts, as soon as possible, to those affected families and staff regarding positive cases. To avoid cluttering your inbox, we will not send Health Alerts regarding just possible outside exposures.

Don't Forget to Show Your JC Spirit!

Each Friday, we show our Julian Curtiss School spirit by wearing our JC Spirit Wear or our school colors which are green and white.