Roman justice

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Some similarietys are that they both had punishments or fines for people that made crimes on the U.S of you rob you have to pay a fine in rome it was also like that in the U.S if you murderd someone in rome you would be burned but in the U.S they dont do that except for some states still practice deat penalties but you wont suffer like in rome

Culture of rome

Citizens were able to vote hold official offices civil and government own property go to court

Male citizens had all rights

women were not able to vote

Slaves were property

Freedmen were slaves with limited rights

Focused on marriage,inheritance,and contracts

Roman justice natural laws giving every citizen rights connected to life and the pursuit of happines


Small fines pay money


Punishment have to leave rome


Patricide killing your father was punished by being drowned in a river

Slaves were beaten,harder work, or often crucified.

In the u.s men and women have the same amount of rights andy citizen can vote either men or women in the use you cant be thrown out if your a citizen.

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