By: AbdulKareem Raimi

Gari texture

The food I'm studying on is gari it is an African food from Nigeria. This food looks kind of like oatmeal but it's less creamy. This food is made up out of grains then milk or water is added to it, then after that you add sugar to it you can put as much sugar to it depends on how big the serving is but when you add too much sugar it becomes more hard you can add honey to make it more sweet.

Where Gari is from

Nigeria is in the north east hemisphere, it is 8.0000N longitude 10.0000Eb latitude the area of Nigeria 999.6km. The top 5 natural recourses are gas, iron, ore, coal, and limestone. The top natural hazards are floods. It's ethnic group is African. Some major cities are Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, and Kaduna. Nigeria has a lot of rainforest and grasslands. Nigeria is in the tropics.