Mrs. Tax's Kindergarten Class

Week of January 31, 2016

February Birthdays

Georgia Hannigan- February 6

Hunter Shanklin- February 17

News and Events

  • Monday, February 1, ACS Board Meeting at 6:00
  • Tuesday, February 1, Report Cards go home
  • Tuesday, February 2, PTO Meeting at North Asheville Community Center at 6:00
  • Thursday, February 18, Family Voices/Community Outreach Night at the Montford Center
  • Thursday, February 25, Tea & Talk with the Superintendent for Claxton Families


For center time on Fridays, we draw names to see what center students will go in. It is a fun way to try a new center and play with different classmates. It's really rewarding to see the students trying new activities and making new relationships halfway through the year!


For the remainder of the year, I will send home a homework packet in addition to the reading log and sight words. It is to be turned in on Friday and there will be 4 pages with the idea that your child completes one every night. The reading log will also change to include comprehension questions. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions after looking through the packet and log.


Please continue to work on sight words at home. There are many words in their homework books that cannot be decoded so they must be memorized. We have an incentive in the classroom. When a student learns 3 sets of sight words, they add their name to our ice cream cone and get a certificate from Kilwin's for a free scoop of ice cream! For each additional 3 sets of words memorized, they add their name to another scoop. We want to see everyone's name on the first scoop!


Our class has teamed up with Ms. Hartman's third grade class to be reading buddies. Our first get-together was this past Wednesday and it was such a success! We will get together every week after lunch to spend some reading time together.