Romeo and Juliet 2.4

Joseph Rivera


Benvolio is Romeo's cousin who is also in the montague family and is know as the peace maker in the family


Romeo is the main character of the play who is the sad lonely teenage boy who falls in love with juliet


In the play Romeo and Juliet in act 2 scene 4

Murcutio and Benvolio are worried about Romeo and how he hasn't returned from the party. Benvolio and Murcutio are saying that Romeo spent the night at Rosalind but wage they don't know is that he really spent all night taking to Juliet.


Mercutio is Romeos best friend who is the cousin of prince escolus.and murcutio is know as the jokester out of Benvolio and Romeo
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Romeo and Juliet picture

I chose this picture because it was when in act 2 Romeo spend the night at juliets just talking to her about how he feels and how he love her

Romeo and Juliet song

I chose the song cool it now buy new edition because in the songs the singers are telling his friend that he shouldn't fall in love with her because it won't end up being good and in the play Benvolio and murcutio basically tell Romeo the same exact thing


This scene takes placement the city of Verona right after the capulets party and Benvolio and murcutio are talking about where Romeo is and who he is with\rosaline