White Tiger

by Brady Allen


  • In the same way as other tiger species the white tiger is a carnivorous animal meaning that it only hunts and eats other animals in order to gain the nutrition that it needs.
  • The white tiger is an apex predator in its environment hunting its prey by stalking it stealthy in the darkness of night.
  • The white tiger primarily hunts large herbivorous animals including deer,wild boar,cattle and goats that feed both in jungle outskirts.
  • The white tiger has a number adaptations to help it to both catch and kill its prey including being strong and powerful incredibly fast and having long and sharp claws and teeth.

behavior and lifestyle

  • Like other tiger species the white tiger is a solitary animal as this allows this large predator to sneak up on prey more effectively in the dense jungle.
  • Although the white tiger is not nocturnal they do the majority of their hunting at night as this also helps to hunt more successfully .
  • White tigers have incredible hearing and sight which along with their stealth helps them when hunting in the jungle in the dark.
  • Each tiger occupies a large territory that is marks on trees and can be up to 75 square miles in size .

life cycles

  • In order for a white tiger to be produced both of its parents must carry the gene.
  • Male and female white tigers are attracted to one anther by their roars and scent marks and once mated the male and female go their separate ways.
  • After a gestation period that lasts for around 3 and a half months the female white tiger gives birth to up 5 cubs which are blind and weigh roughly 1 kg each can have either white or orange fur.
  • The white tiger cubs suckle on the milk from their mother and begin to eat meat that she has caught for them when they are around 2 mouths old and are weaned for mouths later.