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Friday, December 18, 2020 (Week #15)

Season's Greetings To All...

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Principals' Message

From The Principal's Desk...

Dear CMS Families:

We have a very short but busy week in front of us. Let's all finish out December on a high note and then break for a much deserved vacation. I am very proud of our students and staff, as they continue to work toward improvements in all areas of learning. I always say that it takes a village, and there's no doubt that everyone is doing their part. We will keep getting better together. Please reach out with any questions or concerns, as we are always available to you.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Dean W. Packard, Principal


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Parent & Guardian IXL Information

All CMS students participate in regular skills practice and diagnostic benchmarking regularly as part of the learning activities in English language arts and mathematics.

Teachers assign specific topics for reinforcement, preview, practice and review as part of the regular instructional routine. The typical duration for IXL work varies from child to child, but attaining a SmartScore of 80 is the usual expectation for each assignment which is considered to be proficient (students should push themselves and attempt to attain a mastery level with a SmartScore of 100). With each response, students are provided with immediate feedback (correct responses are praised and as the SmartScore increases questions become more complex, incorrect responses lower the SmartScore but students are provided with corrective feedback and a new question of similar difficulty is provided next).

Once a diagnostic benchmark profile has been established (all students should be at this point in the school year), completing 10 to 15 diagnostic questions in English language arts and mathematics each week will keep the profile current and progress forward. This allows for a diagnostic profile to be built and maintained. Students and teachers are provided with information about recommended skills work based on the diagnostic results. This continuous loop of data is exceptionally helpful to monitoring student progress over time.

The school profile to date is below. Note: The "hours at school" are hours spent during typical school hours (most of this is remote asynchronous learning time).

The video below provides an overview of how parents / caregivers can access the data for their child. Please consider checking progress at least bi-weekly.

IXL Analytics Tutorial

Mandatory Flu Shot Information - Deadline is: December 31, 2020

Nurse Harrington has created an informational page about the new Flu Shot requirements. Please click here to read about this up-to-date requirement. This goes for all students, even full remote students. Please email Nurse Harrington with questions at

Flu Vaccine Information

James Scanlon - Athletic Director

Based upon the information presented at the School Committee meeting Wednesday night, there are some updates to report about winter sports at our middle schools. These updates are important because they involved many tough conversations and decisions. These decisions were not made easily, but we feel they are in the best interest of our students.

Our league (the Mid-Wach) voted to cancel all middle school sports during the Winter 2020-2021 season. There are many concerns for having a safe, successful season, such as lack of space and transportation issues. Many other leagues like ours are doing the same thing because their gymnasiums are closed or being used to store desks and chairs. We want to make sure we make the best decisions for you, based on what is going on at Charlton and Dudley Middle. Principal Packard, Principal Starczewski, and I have talked with some of you and some of our coaches to see what we can do to keep sports alive. Please see the link below to fill out a short survey about how we can do that. We know just how critical our middle schools programs are to the development and success of our most important team members: you.

We will make sure to keep you informed with any updates or changes along the way. I hope you all have a nice, safe weekend!!

GoogleForm: Middle School Sports Caregiver Survey

Guidance Corner

Our guidance counselors are starting a version of the Herren Club. This club provides a peer network group within schools, which leads to healthy choices. This club will be a fun opportunity for come together and make new friends. Please reach out to Miss Murphy or Mr. Daley for more information. This club is open to all students in grades: 5, 6, 7 and 8

Miss Murphy:

Mr. Daley:

Herren Project Website

Herren Club Sign Up Form

The Week Ahead

Monday, December 21st

- Cohort A Hybrid In-Person – Cohort B Remote Learning Day

- Days 5&6 UA Schedule

Tuesday, December 22nd

- Cohort A Hybrid In-Person – Cohort B Remote Learning Day

- Days 5&6 UA Schedule

Wednesday, December 23rd

- Independent Remote Learning: Students access Google Classrooms for asynchronous learning opportunities.

- Days 5&6 UA Schedule

Thursday, December 24th

- Winter Break

Friday, December 25th

- Winter Break