By James Stewart and Jerron Acido


Islam people like to dress up in fancy clothes and Islam girls wear a scarfe over there head


Islam People have lots of gods and they pray in special places and their special place is a pond if you swim in those ponds you will go to jail. But you can swim in some ponds sometimes Islam people believe meny gods.


If you go to a Islam island you can dress up like them but if you don't they might think your being mean to them but if you do dress up like them you don't need to look the same as them.

Islam celebrations

Islam people celebrate Eid Al-Fitr,Eid Al-Adha,Eid Al-Fitr and Ramadan and Islam people fast.

Islam food

Islam people drink wine and gamble and drink alcohol and lots more

What do people do during the religious celebration?

people normally celebrate of a god when the god was born or when the god made them and people can celebrate when it is a gods birthday! or when they finish fasting!
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How is the religous celebration celebrated in Australia ? .

their is some religious celebrations in Australia Islam people fast in Australia

and they party

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