Odysseus's Heroic Traits

By:Mackenzie Wojno

Heroic Trait #1

Odysseus is cunning."I ordered my men to cast lots as to which of them should dare to help me raise the stake and twist it int the Cyclops' eye when sweet sleep took him."He is also a planner a hero always plans ahead before he executes his plan.

Heroic Trait #2:

Odysseus is in charge and puts his men first."My ram went last,burdened by the weight of his fleece,and me and my teeming thoughts." This shows that he cares for his men and they pay him back by respecting him and following plans.

Heroic Trait #3

Odysseus is deceitful."My name is nobody."He was trying to trick the cyclops,so that when he stabs the cyclops in the eye,no one will know who he is talking about.A hero always try's to trick the enemy. Odysseus is clever the way he tricked he cyclops.