Bullying Awareness

By: Andrea and Michelle

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Bullying is...

Bullying is unwanted and aggressive behaviour directed at anyone. Ways of bullying are physically, socially, and verbally.

  • Verbal: teasing, name-calling, inappropriate comments, and threats
  • Social: excluding people, spreading rumours, embarrassing someone in public, telling people not to be their friends, intimidation, and cyber-bullying
  • Physical: hitting, tripping, pushing, beating up, and breaking their things
Bullying happens over and over and over again...

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Who Does Bullying Involve and Effect?

  • The bully-the most prominent person in a bullying situation, the person who actually taunts or somehow bullies the target(s). The bully bullies other people to feel better about themselves.

  • Bully’s friends-don’t do anything or help the main bully bully the target(s). Bullies friends are scared of the main bully so they become fake friends

  • Target(s)-people/person who the insults and other bullying is directed at. The targets are deeply affected by bullying, the target(s) can feel neglected. The target(s) can dread to school/work every day and even consider committing suicide

  • Bystanders-don’t do anything about the situation, who don't want to bully but are also to scared to stand up to the bully. Another type of bystander comforts and helps the target. These helpers can also be bullied because of helping the target.

Bullying In Our Community

  • Canada has the 9th highest rate of bullying in the 13-years-olds category on a scale of 35 countries

  • At least 1 in 3 adolescent students in Canada have reported being bullied recently

  • Among adult Canadians, 38% of males and 30% of females reported having experienced occasional or frequent bullying during their school years

  • 47% of Canadian parents report having a child victim of bullying

  • Any participation in bullying increases risk of suicidal ideas in youth

  • The Ontario government recently arrested 8 teenage girls for bullying (bullying is treated really seriously in Ontario)

How Can We Help?

  • Making everybody feel like they belong, so that there isn’t a need to bully others for boosting self-esteem

  • Help the targets show the bully that they have the courage to stand up to the bully if you ever see someone get bullied

  • Encourage the target to talk to an adult if they were ever being bullied

  • Get people to sign petitions to stop bullying