Ireland as an example of progress.

Is Ireland an example of progress?

We think Ireland is an example of progress - moral progress- because they could resolve their problems of fight. Before, there were lots of bombs and, finally, they could sign the peace.

Examples of terrorism...

Some examples of terrorism is for example Malala"s story. This girl is from Pakistán. She won the Nobel Peace Price in 2014. She was attacked by a terrorism group that shoot her face because she wanted that the rights of woman and man.

Another clear example of terrorism is in Irak and all those countries.


Charlie Hebdo.

We have done a exclusive section for that theme because we think is the most clear example of terrorism in the most developed countries.

Charlie Hebdo is a "magazine" from France wich say his own opinion about all the thing are happening in the world, in general. The 7th of January, two man, went to the offices and kill twelve people and injuring four people.

Ways to fight terrorism.

There aren´t so many ways to fight the terrorism, maybe, some peace´s treaty, have some negotiations between the countries confronted to make things change for get all people in agreement. Sometimes, the terrorism group doesn't want to have peace, so that does that the treaty be longer and hard.

Some things could be interesting...

In this sección, we have think about why there is terrorism in the developed countries when normally, is in the less developed.

We reckon is because of money and political actions. In those countries is as difficult as the rest of the world stop terrorism. In the other countries like Irak, is more hard to stop terrorism because of the religión and because is not someone who says 'STOP'. If something like that happens in Spain or in some other country, we think it could be easier to stop that horrible event.

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