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Washington and Laffayette at Valley Forge -John Ward Dunsmore,1907

The Story Truth By Will Essig

Trudging through the snow of the their encampment at Valley Forge, Washington looks down at he men as they brave the cold. Some will most likely lose the battle to hypothermia, and others will fall sick. Washington watches as a lone sentry draws up and salute's his general. Washington rides past. This painting gives off an aura of almost power, and authority. With Washington high on his horse, it shows his high position in the field, as well as how deep his love for the soldiers goes. this is due to the fact that he is out in the cold, marching around the camp, greeting his fellow man. This painting depicts a an icy plane, covered in snow, showing the men huddled for warmth and wrapped head to toe. It shows the loyalty of men, positioned out in this freezing weather as well as their struggle for survival. The painter depicts Washington slightly saintly, with the sun following his movement, rising behind him. However, it also brings to light a major difference between not only Washington and the soldiers but the officers too. It shows how much better suited the lives of the officers are, with clothes that aren't rags, and they obviously hadn't been out standing sentry all day. This painting also brings forth an air of hope, one that shows how with this brilliant leader even these rag tag group of soldiers could win. That is the story truth of this painting.