Lockport City School District

New York State English Language Arts and Mathematics Testing

Grades 3-8

This year as we approach the New York State English Language Arts and Mathematics testing for students in grades 3-8 in April and May, we are encouraging you to support your child’s participation in testing.

The New York State Education Department has made efforts to improve testing by:

  • Reducing the number of test questions
  • Involving teachers in reviewing and developing test questions
  • Providing students with unlimited time to take test
  • Reducing the test days from 3 to 2 (30-70 minutes each session)
  • Not including student test results in teachers or principals evaluations

Your child’s test results will:

  • Give you a good idea of how their child is performing in English Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Identify areas your child may need improvement in ELA and/or Math
  • Give teachers guidance on the areas to help students improve
  • Provide data to schools that will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs
  • Monitor the performance of schools for the purpose of accountability to the public

The NYS tests are designed to measure how well students are mastering the learning standards that guide classroom instruction and help to ensure that students are on track to graduate from high school.

Please contact your child’s teacher or principal with any questions regarding the New York State tests. We look forward to our continued work with you and your child as we assess students this spring.

Pride in our Past...Faith in our Future

Michelle T. Bradley, Superintendent

Marianne Currie-Hall, Executive Director of Educational Services