North VS South

By Ashley H. Period 7

Life in the North

Geography in the North

Geography in the North they used water to run factories, and they had tons of cities along the bays of the North. The climate in the North was that they had colder winters and short summers. Places like New England had thick pine forests. New England also had "V" shaped valleys curved by streams.
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Economy in the North

The Economy in the North was that textile mill owners were using machines to spin cotton into weaved thread. New machines speed up the rate that agriculture goods were produced.
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Transportation in the North

Transportation in the North was they invented boats powered by steam engines to help people fight the strong river current up river. River travel was faster and cheaper than travailing by land. Inventors of the steam boat invented the steam powered locomotives. Trains were faster than steam boats and a train could go any where that railroad tracks were.
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Society in the North

Society in the North was that Northern states had taken steps to try to end slavery. A lot of African Americans worked as servants. In most states blacks could not vote at all, because they were not equal to whites. Many African Americans formed their own churches and started their own businesses.
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Life in the South

Geography in the South

Geography in the South had long growing seasons. A lot of the Southerns enjoyed the mild winters and long hot humid summers. Along the coasts the plains were dotted with swaps and marshes. As well as the North the South had thick pine forests.
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Economy in the South

Economy in the South was based mainly of cotton. A man named Eli Whitney invented a machine called the cotton gin it speed up process instead of doing it by hand. In 1850 there were cotton plantations from the Atlantic coast to Texas. Whitney thought he had helped lessen slave labor but he made it worst they needed slaves now more than ever. Slaves became very important to the south.
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Transportation in the South

Transportation in the South was mainly based on boats , trains were extremely helpful as well as boats. The main thing that was most importantly shipped was cotton. Trains helped farmers transport their products to the North. On plantation docks, slaves helped load cotton bales directly onto steam powered river boats. Travailing by river was the Souths main transportation a a lot of cities and towns soon started to be built along side of rivers.
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Society in the South

Society in the South had its ups and downs. Free blacks had to wear a special badges to show that they were free slaves,otherwise if they didn't have a badge they would be immediately be sent back to their owners. If they didn't have those badges after they were free their was a good chance that they would be captured by another person, they also had to pay extra taxes. About 10% of whites were too poor to even own any land at all.
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