Welcome to Botswana

By: Kayla W


Botswana is a decently large sized country located in Southern Africa, just north of South Africa. Botswana has the area of about 600,370 square kilometers, of which 585,000 kilometers squared are land. Botswana has land boundaries with the measurement of about 4,013 kilometers. Sunshine totals are high, year round but winter is when it's sunnier. The entire country during the dry season gets windy and dusty. Botswana has very short rain seasons. However, the relatively high altitude of the country and its continental situation give it a subtropical climate. The country has a lot of moisture in the air which flows for most of the year. Botswana's dry season ranges from about April to October near the south and to November in the north where rainfall totals are normally a lot higher. The southern parts of Botswana is most exposed to cold winds during the winter season. Some places that take place in Botswana are the Kalahari Desert, Okavango, Makgadikgadi, and Central Kalahari. In Botswana they have desertification problems that are effecting Botswana farms in multiple ways and causing many people to starve. Desertification is when land turns into a desert and takes away grass lands on farms.


1885- Britain settled and made the government "Bechuanaland"

1966- Independence from Great Britain

Botswana National Anthem

Hymne national du Botswana