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2nd Quarter, 2018-19, CSI Goal Area 1,2,3

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Academic Conversations

Modeling academic conversations for your students, and co-workers, not only builds confidence in yourself, but also in your students. Engaging in meaningful conversations at higher levels, critical thinking, will empower students while building capacity within your classroom, campus, and district. These conversations should be purposeful, productive and stay on topic.There are five core skills that make conversations more academic:

1. Elaborate and clarify

2. Support ideas with examples

3. Build on and/or challenge a partner's idea

4. Paraphrase

5. Synthesize conversation points

You can learn more about academic conversations in the following videos:

Presidential Awards of Excellence for Math & Science Teaching Nomination Period is open

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Law Day Writing Contest K-12

The Oklahoma Bar Association is sponsoring a writing contest for students in K-12. Each prompt is aligned to the Oklahoma Social Studies Standards.

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