Lobby Host

REACHING each guest with the Love of Jesus

The Heart of a Lobby Host

A Lobby Host is the contagious smile that defines the body of Christ. We are the ones that connect each guest to the arms that will hold their baby, to the teacher that will touch their child's heart, to the hand that will offer them a seat, to the pastor before he opens the Word of God and to the very feel of what Eagle Christian Church is all about. Often times, we are the face a second time guest will look for in hopes of getting connected.

Fullfilling the Need

What We Do:

  • Share a Smile to each person that crosses our path.
  • Welcome each first time guest, returning visitor, and member with the Love of Jesus.
  • Walk each visitor to the desired location (children's class, coffee shop, sanctuary, etc.)

Who We Are:

  • Warm and welcoming
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Physically able to escort a guest around the facility and up the stairs
  • Able to multitask

How We Serve:

  • Look for clues of someone's first time at ECC (slow steps, "lost" expression)
  • Initiate the response with a kind, "Hello."
  • Introduce ourselves with clarity and confidence.
  • Ask for their name, use their name in conversation, and use it when introducing them to child's teacher, welcome center, pastor, etc...
  • Engage a conversation with, "I have not met you before"
  • Offer assistance in anyway we can.
  • Refrain from using, "Are you new?" or "Is this your first time with us?"
  • Walk each visitor to the location they are looking for (nursery, kids' class, coffee shop, service).
  • Help parents sign up/sign in with KidCheck
  • Remember, we are here to focus on the guest not to sell them on the church.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before service begins
  • Sign in at Volunteer Central
  • Serve 20 minutes after service begins

Tips for Success

  • Dress appropriately
  • Smell pleasant
  • Have fresh breath
  • Prepare your heart. This moment is about THEM. It's about Jesus. It's about Eternity.
  • Engage with guests; friends will be available when we are done.
  • Know the names of ministry partners. It will make our ECC family feel more like Home to the guest.
  • Acknowledge the child(ren), engage in their names, ages, interests, etc.
  • Introduce the child(ren) to their teacher or to another child in their room. A friend settles a kid's heart quicker than most things.
  • Offer a free cup of coffee or tea at the coffee shop
  • Look ahead at the church calendar so you can casually offer an opportunity of connection.
  • Be "On" after service if possible. Look for those you welcomed before service.

Next Step

  1. Contact one of our Lobby Host leads: Kristen Ward or Michelle DeNecochea
  2. Schedule an opportunity to shadow one of our leads during an active service. Shadowing offers you an opportunity to witness first hand the vitality of a Lobby Host. It is a compelling ministry to watch up front. Come with questions. Prepare your heart to see the whole picture through the eyes of Christ.

Mary Reich