The Chaos Of The Pontiac War

Pontiac War

How the Pontiac War started

Austin K.

Pontiac's Rebellion happened when an alliance of Native American warriors under Ottawa chief Pontiac attacks the British force at Detroit. After failing to take the fort in their existing attack, Pontiac's forces, created of Ottawa’s and grouped by, Ojibwas, Potawatomi’s, and Wyandot’s initiated cause a siege that would go long into months. Ottawa leader, Pontiac and Delaware religious prophet Neolin foment Pontiac's Rebellion, an alliance of groups (the Huron, Ottawa, and others) in Rebellion VS European culture, influence, and technology.

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The Fallout of the Pontiac War

Jay P.

The Pontiac War took place during the 1960’s in North America between the Indians/North Americans and the British who ruled them after they defeated the French. It was led by Pontiac, the chief of the Ottawa and it started as uprising. During late May and early June in 1762, Pontiac captured most of the small, isolated garrisons south and west of Detroit. There were many battles and ambushes, like the Bloody Run and the Bushy Run, and, as to be expected, the results of each varied. In winter when food was scarce, the Indians organized a series of raids for food and lost many lives doing so. Pontiac and his allies remained out of British control, but the resistance of the garrison at Detroit and the war caused the Indian force to gradually melt away. The worst of the siege was over but the conflict remained unresolved, but after General Gage (a British general) executed many victories over the Indians, the great Indian uprising sputtered out as British power was reasserted.1

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War Results

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The Pontiac rebellion had lots of results that would affect things that happened in the future. One of the most important One of the prime results of Pontiac's Rebellion was the decision of British lawmakers to make the proclamation of 1763. This move the colonies east of the border line to make sure the Native Americans would not cause any more problems with the British government. This event would later lead to the revolutionary war. 1