The Lottery

By: Jordyn, Maggie, and Jules

The POV is 3rd Person Omniscient

We know because it tells the characters thoughts and feelings. The narrator can also describe every action that happens and the dialogue.


In The Lottery, the townspeople would gather in the town square once a year. They drew pieces of paper out of a black box that represented death. Only the eldest male in the family or the husband could draw. Whoever drew the piece of paper with a black dot on it was sentenced to stoning. People of all ages would then stone the chosen one until she was dead.
The Animated Version of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

3 Characters

3 Literary Devices

Hyperbole: "Next thing you know, they will be wanting to go back to living in caves." -p.4

Personification: "Pack of young fools." (people who quit the lottery) -p.4

Old Man Warner"^^^"

Personification: The black box grew shabbier each year. -p.2

Jordyn, Maggie, and Jules


The story was good but just a tad bit gruesome. The lottery was a lot different then the lottery today. Even the kids threw rocks at their mom. Iy was my least favorite story we read.