May 1st -May 6th

Weekly Announcements

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!! I hope your week is especially good! Check your boxes for daily treats and acts of kindness from your students.

  • This is the last week for checkout from the LRC. Please allow students to turn in books on a daily basis when they remember to bring overdue items.
  • Melanie, Monica and I are off campus all day on Tuesday- we have a one day retreat with UVA Leaders.
  • Head start is visiting kinder classrooms and walking around campus on Tuesday. If you see little ones... smile :)
  • 4th Grade is at a TSO Concert on Tuesday from 10:00-1pm
  • MOWR Meeting in Ms. Salinas' office (3rd Grade) at 3pm on Thursday
  • Our guitar group and drum cohort will play at the UA at 6:30- great event if you are in the area :)

Student/ Staff Culture Goal

Keep the Golden PAWS coming!!!

Attendance Goals!!! Summit View's Goal is 95%!

Yearly Averages to Date

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Talent Show!!!

SV Teacher,

It is that time of year again! You will be getting talent show flyers in your box. These flyers are meant to get the students thinking about what they would like to do over the weekend, not to sign up


Here are the facts:

-The talent show for the school is Tuesday May 24th 8:30-10:30, we will have a second show 5-7pm that day for their families. Please do not invite family to the morning show!

-Sign up for try outs will be outside the office on the mornings of May 2-4TH

-Try outs will be Thursday May 5th 2:30-4pm: students must have turned in a signed form to attend try outs.

***If you would like your class to participate please reply to this email with what you will be doing, you do not have to attend try outs.

Any questions, shoot my way :]

-Christine Ambrose

Grade Level Ceremony Certificates

Good Morning-

Certificate Ceremonies are one way we celebrate our student’s academic and ROAR success.

We are calendaring end of year certificate ceremonies. Please invite families to attend. They will be held in the cafeteria. Can you please have the kids perform? One song is fine J They can perform this song at our end of year talent show as well J

I will give you the promotion sashes to put on the kids as they enter, they can be in free dress. Last year we had the kids create their college/career 8x10 poster/picture so they have it to march in with. Please do this again J I will have white construction paper for you J

I will make:

1. End of Year Completion (Promotion Certificate)

2. Principal’s Award

3. Attendance Awards (thru May 6th)

You make certificates for:

1. Math

2. Reading

3. Writing

4. Citizenship

(every child should receive at least one certificate)

Please limit yourself to the 4 areas- we have to stay timely J If you want to negotiate the 4 areas I’ve identified, I’m open J

If you have a problem with the date I’ve chosen…please see me J I want all teachers in attendance pleaseJ


1. Principal Welcoming

2. Performance

3. Teacher certificates

4. Attendance certificates

5. Promotion Certs

6. Principal Certificate

7. Principal closing remarks

I plan to have chairs set-up on the stage and students will be called onto the stairs…I’ll give you details at staff meeting J

Send questions my way J

End of Year Celebrations!

We'll talk more in detail at a future staff meeting!

  • Grade Level Ceremonies: we will award all students a promotion certificate, attendance recognition, math, reading and writing, student council and principal's certificate. Will you think of a song your grade level can showcase?
  • End of Year Kick-ball game- will occur on the last day of school! More details to come
  • Water day will be on Wednesday, May 25th (full day of school this year) Thursday, May 26th is a half day!

May Birthdays!

Margie Cisneros - 1st
Tanaya Matthews - 22nd
Melody Duke - 27th
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