Of Mice and Men

Ian Livengood & Erik Dearborn

The Great Depression

Before the great depression expensive products were selling quickly and people were buying and selling stocks like mad. The problem was that as money was becoming a little bit tighter People began to start getting loans from the bank. But the stock market was slowly dropping and the loans could not be paid off. Then people could not buy those expensive products, and the salesmen lost their jobs. Then when a few people started to see that the market was beginning to crash and sold. Others noticed this and then they sold out. As soon as the Country caught on the market crashed in 1929.

To help generate revenue they started building bridges, and Then world war II hit. This generated many jobs and help reopen businesses and make money for the people.


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The American Dream

People come from around the world to live the american dream. But what is the american dream. Some people say it is having a job that gets you buy and makes you happy, Living in a tight knit community in the country some where. Others say it is living in a big new house in the city with a job that pays millions. But what if its neither, what if its both, Having the option to live however you want wherever you want. The option to pursue any job you choose. Hard work, Equality, Liberty. These are the things that people really come here for, the true american dream...

John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck is an American author who wrote over twenty five books throughout his career. One of his biggest literary creations is the epic East of Eden. It is said that Steinbeck originally wrote this story to describe and capture the scenery of the Salinas Valley for his sons. Some of the major themes in East of Eden are love, the struggle for acceptance, and the capacity for destruction, typically relating to guilt and desire for freedom. Another one of Steinbeck's biggest literary works is the novel Of Mice and Men. Of Mice and Men tells the story of two migrant workers during the time of the Great Depression. Steinbeck wrote this based off of some of his own experiences as a hobo. Some of the main themes in Of Mice and Men include dreams and aspirations, where one of the characters, George, aspires to be independent and to be "somebody." Another main theme of the story is loneliness, something many of the characters have to face after the loss of someone close.