The L. A. News

Writer: Christina Gross

A Change in Tradition?

At a small school in Texas there has been a tradition of giving away a scholarship jacket to the valedictorian. This student must have maintained the highest grades for eight years to earn this gold and green jacket. This year a girl named Martha, age 14, won the scholarship jacket. She grew up in a poor family that could not afford to keep her. She was sent to her grandparents house where they had many acres of land. Martha described to us what she overheard as she was walking back to the classroom to get her gym shorts. It was a conversation between her math teacher, Mr. Boone, and her history teacher, Mr. Schmidt. They seemed to be talking about her. She told us this is what she heard; "I refuse to do it! I don't care who her father is, her grades don't even begin to compare to Martha's. I won't lie or falsify records" said Mr. Schmidt. "Look, Joann's father is not only on the Board, he owns the only store in town. We could say it was a close tie and-" said Mr. Boone. He continued but she only heard a few things here and there such as, "...Martha is Mexican...resign...won't do it...". Soon after the principal called Martha to his office and told her the policy had been changed. He told her that there was now going to be a $15 fee for the jacket and if she could not pay the $15 it would be given to the next person in line. We will have more information on this story next week.
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This is the scholarship jacket that is normally given away to the valedictorian.


Boxing Match

Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas have both gotten another pair of wins! These were the last matches of the season! All of their training and many hours of hard work have led up to this! They are to fight against each other in the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament. The winner shall represent the Boys Club. Felix Vargas is a short, muscular fighter that is a great slugger and Antonio Cruz is a lean fighter with a long reach which makes him the better boxer. Who will win? No one knows! Don't miss it! This should be a great match! Be there on August 7th to find out the winner of the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament and the title in the Boys Club!

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These gloves represent the fight against Felix Vargas and Antonio Cruz coming up soon!


The Death of Arturo Flores

Name: Arturo Flores

Age: 85

Date of Birth: 8/27/1928

City/State in which he died: Brooklyn, New York

Date of Death: 11/4/2013

Arturo Flores, 85, of Brooklyn died on Monday. He was one of seven sons that lived on a countryside in Puerto Rico. Arturo loved being around books ever since birth and because of that his mother decided to send him to school. He attended high school in Mayaguez where he graduated at the top of his class.

Arturo was a bright man that went on to be a teacher in the mountain village where he grew up. He remained at the school until he was drafted into war. The general made him clean bathrooms and mop floors because he wanted to teach the soldiers how to read. Afterwards, he got sick and was sent to a nursing home in Brooklyn, New York where he died of old age.

He was survived by his daughter and his grandson who was named after him.

A viewing will be held at 6 pm on Friday at the Green Family Funeral Home. Burial will be held at 2 pm on Saturday at the Oakland Cemetery.

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This wheelchair is one of the last memories of Arturo.

Criminal Report

Purse Thief?

Around 11 o'clock last night a teenage boy, of 14 or 15 years, quickly ran up and attempted to snatch Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones' purse. A witness says that the strap broke with a single tug causing the boy to lose his balance and fall backwards. Mrs. Jones turned around and kicked him on his behind and told him to pick up her pocketbook. Two bystanders told us that the last they saw of them was after she put him in a half nelson and dragged him up the street as she was disciplining him. Police are still trying to further investigate this case.
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The witness described the purse as looking like the one above.

Advice Column

Dear Isabella


I have a problem. I really like this girl that works at a hardware store in town. Every Wednesday at around 6:00 in the morning I bring her flowers. The flowers are from my garden that I tend to every week. I watch her from across the street at the Big Boy restaurant while I'm eating breakfast. In the winter, I take my flowers inside and plant them in a special plant container. I really care about her and I don't know what to do. Should I confess my feelings for her? -DESPERATE AT THE BIG BOY


You may want to start off slowly. There is no need to rush. Maybe one day after breakfast you can work up the courage to just walk over and say hello. The next time you should try to make a little bit more conversation. Once you have gotten comfortable with doing this you can casually walk up to her and ask her. Once again don't rush it! You should do it when you are comfortable and ready to ask her out.

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The flower with the heart in the middle that is above is for Ernie and Dolores.