Iphone's on sale for £1.50!

Epple gives away 500 Iphone 6F's for gob smacking prices!

Breaking news! Epple is giving away 500 brand new Iphone 6F's for astonishing prices! The company started the huge sale on Wednesday, as they stated they wanted to clear their stock by the end of December. The stock seems in perfect condition, but there have been several reports on the devices which state they contain some kind of virus that can hack into your email and take your personal data if you type in your info when logging in to apps like iTunes, the App store etc.

So are they worth the risk?

So we know now that these bargain Iphone's could contain a phone-hacking bug, but do we leave 'em or buy 'em? Although almost 75% of the 6F's the salesmen are selling are very likely to contain the virus, this is an absolute bargain for one of the newest pieces of technology on the market lately.