Two great religions of the world

Great Religions

First off i'm sure you know what Buddhism and Hinduism is.If you don't the I'll tell you.Buddhism and Hinduism are two great religions of the world, and once you get that your ready to read the next paragraph.

Hinduism the Great

Hinduism is a polytheistic religion and id the major religion of the Indian sub-continent.In the early 21st century,more than 90 percent of the world Hindus lived in India.Hinduism has a unique system called the caste system it is based off of Hindus birth, wealth, or occupation.

Buddhism and the Buddha

Buddhism had a leader called the Buddha also known as the enlightened one, or Siddarthia Gautama.for the first 200 years after the Buddha's death, Buddhism was a local religion in India.buddhist's did not belive in any personal God's.Some Buddhist's start fasting whch means to go a long eriod without food or they will meditate that means to focus on spirutal ideas.

Compared and Contrasted

As you may know buddhism's founder is Siddhartha Gautama but unlike Hinduism it dosen't have a founder.Hinduism devloped out of Brahminism. hinduism is a polythestic while Buddhism is non-theistic(they belive in no God's).


Hinduism and Buddhism is two very great religions in the ancient world. something that is really cool is that Hinduism and Buddhism is still alive today.