Business Cycle

Jake Lybarger

About Business Cycle

Business Cycles are the "ups and downs" in the economy. The "ups" are measured by how much jobs, production, and sales grow. The "downs" are periods when the economy shrinks. Found at

Recession and Trough

A decline in economic output for 6 months. Also if a nation stays in a recession for a long period of time it may become a depression. The Trough is the lowest point of the business cycle.

Economic Indicators

1. Gross Domestic Product- total sum of all goods and services produced in one year.

2. Per Capita GDP-Value of what one person produces in a country in a given year.

3. Consumer Price Index-Traces changes of prices in a particular good or service.

4. National Dept-Amount of money that the U.S. owes to other countries.