Pyramids of egypt

The pyramids

Are All The Pyramids The Same?

The pyramids are not the same in fact they are all different. The pyramids are all unique in their own way. The are all the same shape although they are all different sizes. The pyramids are one of the most spectacular sights to see in the world. The pyramids are made up of blocks that weigh up to tons!

Why Do The Pyramids Have To Be Spectacular?

The pyramids have to be so spectacular because their old pharaoh is buried in there. All there gold and riches is buried with the pharaoh in their tomb and people try to steal the gold and riches.

come and Visit!

So i think we can agree that Egypt is very fascinating. So why don't you come and visit. When you get hear hopefully you're in shorts because it is really hot here. Don't forget to bring your camera!