Depletion of Fish Stock

Overfishing Need To Be Stopped

Fishing Is A Part of Canadian History

  • thousands years ago, the native in Canada were already catching fish.
  • Canada is rich with inland freshwater fisheries and surrounded by the world's longest coast line.
  • there mutable verities of fish in Canada such as Bluegill, Green sunfish, Brook Trout and Cod.

Overfishing Depleting The Fish Stock

  • overfishing is a non-sustainable use of Ocean
  • study shows that many stock may never able to bounce back due to the over fishing
  • only 25% of already depleted stock being fished at rates low enough for it to rebuild.

Current Issuse

  • some Canadian like fishing and they don't want to stop fishing
  • Other countries also wanted to fish
  • People are depending on the government to take action
  • The fish stock is starting to run out


Wenson, Ahmad