Landon Hamilton

About me!

My Sport Life

I've played baseball since pre-k and basketball since 1st grade! In baseball I played in Caddo Mills until 4th grade when I moved to Royse City baseball because Caddo league got all outta wack! it was all messed up and people were getting kicked out of the ball park for screaming and cussing out the umpires, so we decided to move to Royse City leagues and I still play there today. Basketball I play in Caddo and always have. I had my friends dad as my coach until the 3rd grade when he got a job and couldn't coach anymore so my mom took over and she has really taught me a lot!
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My Family

I was born September 17, 2002 and I had an older brother named Logan who was born October 30, 2000. My parents are: Shannon (my mom) and Alex (my dad). and when I was in kindergarten I had another little brother come into my life, Lucas. He is now 6 years old, I am 12, my older brother is 14.


I've gone to school in Caddo all my life I am in the 6th grade here is some of the tings I've done in Technology Class: