First Aid Kit For The Barn

By:Christian Drew Cyrus Owen And Santeria Demeteria Sneed:)


Always Keep Germ-X On Hand Because You Have Bacteria On Your Hands And Adding More Bacteria To A Whood Is Not Good

Keeping Up

Keep Check Up On Your Horse Because Could Get Hurt Any time any where.

Christian Drew Cyrus:)

Things best for the horses saftey and yhurz

Kit Design

Kit Design Concepts

Offering more than just a gear bag for your First Aid Supplies, EquiMedic USA’s kits are designed from years of experience in tending to equine emergencies. Having traveled with First Aid Supplies in a duffle bag, having dumped those contents out on pickup tail gates, pick up hoods, picnic tables, and the ground, the idea of a well organized kit became a passion.

An emergency, and First Aid, are exactly what that implies: some thing potentially disastrous, with travesty written all over it, has happened: an accident. It requires you to react quickly, to provide swift and sure temporary medical attention until your veterinarian can get there, or until you can transport your injured or sick horse to the clinic.

The last thing you need, is to be pawing through your medical supply kit to try to find what you need. And, perhaps finding that you are out of, or short on, that item, because your duffle bag or gear bag kit has not allowed you to keep good supervision of your supplies. When you need it, you need it now, and you need it to be there, where it should be.

EquiMedic USA offers a small simply divided gear bag for the cost conscious, because we believe that affording the supplies themselves is still most important. If that is all you can afford now, or if you want to purchase the supplies themselves, and use a gear bag that you already have at home, by all means do that, but get the necessary supplies and have them on hand and in the ready. Make owning a more user friendly EquiMedic USA kit itself a Christmas or birthday request, or purchase that some time in the future.

Compartments, pockets, loops, sections, dividers, clear plastic, mesh, fold overs, roll outs, pocketed flaps, ORGANIZATION and VISIBILITY is what the EquiMedic First Aid Kit is designed around. It is ACCOMMODATING when you are panicked and rushing to get at your medical supplies.