From mountains and glaciers to secluded lakes and forests


Located in North America in the Northern part of the continent. It extends from the pacific to the Atlantic and northward into the artic ocean.


The weather is very diverse. It has four seasons- Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The climate and intensity of these seasons vary across the country though.

Physical Features:

Canadas islands and bays are some of the most beautiful in the world. The western half of Canada also has the largest mountain range with the Coast Mountains and the Canadian Rockies.


The official languages of Canada are French and English.

Folkways of Canada:

The song O' Canada is a folkway of Canada because it's Canada's story in a song.

Musics for them goes way back and is a major part of their lives.

Storytelling was big also. Traditionally stories were told in a way that reflected the customs and culture from which they originated.

Pregnancy and childbirth is often considered an opportunity for excited celebration in Canadian culture, particularly among young women who may still regard pregnancy as something of novelty.

Taboos of Canada:

Something you should not do in Canada is drink in public. Drinking alcohol in public is prohibited by law in all of Canada.

You also should not smoke in many areas. Smoking is banned on all public transport, public buildings, work places, and restaurants.


A form of subcultures in Canada is urban and rural residents. Another one would be there languages, English, French, and Chinese Canadians.

Culture Change:

Canada used to be primarily French orientated but as time went on it has involved English more and more.