Throwing a Tea Party

The Sons of Liberty and the Boston Tea Party

What's Going On

The British have put extreme taxation on tea, and we will have no more of it! We are boycotting the tea and many other products the British are taxing, and now we are beginning our newest protest: throwing tea over the Boston Harbor into the Atlantic. Join us and we can stop this ridiculous taxing!

The Boston Tea Party

Thursday, Dec. 16th 1773 at 6:30pm

The Boston Harbor, Boston, Massachusetts

Disguise yourselves as Native Americans and be ready to heave tea into the Atlantic Ocean!

Our Plans

We have been planning this for a few weeks, and things have gotten tense here in Boston. Come to Boston with Native American attire, and on the night of December 16th, we will sneak onto the tea ships and dump approximatley 350 cases of tea into the harbor. That's 90,000 pounds of tea worth THOUSANDS of dollars!

We are the Sons of Liberty

Give us Liberty or give us death! We are colonists who want to stop being taxed by the British and live in a free country! Support our group and refuse the British tea!