GradeCam 101

Grading at RES just got a whole lot easier!

What is this new technology we are using?

GradeCam uses Web-based software that allows teachers to instantly scan and grade multiple-choice assessments using a document camera (or other Web-based cameras). In short, it's a more efficient and technologically advanced version of a Scantron machine. Along with this advancement, GradeCam comes with a number of other features.
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But Why?

It's a real time-saver for grading paper multiple-choice tests, offers built-in reports and data-transfer compatibility with other grading programs.

Grade cam gives Immediate feedback on tests and quizzes and can help boost students' learning.

Here's what you need to know right now!

  • We have to accept the invite in our email to join Gradecam at RES
  • We will then go to Clever to access our Gradecam. No extra logins or passwords.
  • Click link below for the digital copy of the training guide if you ever need to access it.

Today's Agenda:

  • Accepting Invite in Email
  • Logging In
  • Take The Test
  • Watch the Scoring Process
  • Begin Walk Through
  • Creation of Assessment
  • Schedule Time to Help
  • Dismiss
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But what if I need help?

You have a wonderful RTI & Tech Coach who love to help! But if they are not available, or you are at home, try this resource. It is Awesome just not as awesome as her ;-) If you need anything at all you can always email and we can take a look at it.