Pleasant Valley School

April Newsletter

News from Miss Sheets

Fourth quarter has begun and we have a lot of fun activities headed our way before the end of the year. At the end of the month we will be conducting our state testing. This means no K, 1st or 2nd grade April 25-29. 4th, 5th and 7th grade, please get lots of rest this week and come ready to show all you know. Good Luck!

Calendar Changes - Due to the 3 days that school was canceled for COVID, we have 3 days to make-up. Make-up days will occur at the end if the school year. Our end of year trip will be on June 3rd and 4th. The 3rd is a Friday and the 4th is a Saturday. The 4th will be a required attendance day of 4th - 7th grade and optional for K - 2nd Grade. More detail about our trip will be coming out next month. The other two days will be June 9th and 10th. June 10th is now our official last day of school instead of June 8th.

Looking Back

Dr. Seuss Day - Thank you to the Presley's for surprising us with green eggs and ham.

Awesome St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Traps!

School Events

Highlights - Keep an eye on the calendar.

April 25-29 State Testing Week, No school for K, 1, or 2

What Are We Learning?



Unit 4 - Numbers within 10

Addition and Subtraction


UNIT 4 THEME: Then and Now

  • Essential Question: What can we learn from the past?
  • Reading Workshop: Read narrative nonfiction and understand the elements.
  • Phonics: Short and Long Vowel Sounds
  • High Frequency Words: Week 1) find, over, again; Week 2) all, now, pretty; Week 3) black, brown, white; Week 4) good, open, could; Week 5) want, every, please; Week 6)may, this, round
  • New in Unit 4 are weekly spelling tests. Look for lists on Monday.


Back to Review Unit 3 - Sunlight

Essential Question: What does sunlight do on Earth?

We had to skip a lot of this unit due to limited sun during the winter months.

Social Studies

Unit 1 - History

Essential Question: What would my life have been like long ago?


In art, we are working on patterns. In music, we are starting Chapter 5: Mi, Sol, La.



Unit 3 - Tens and Ones

Counting, Place Value, and Time


UNIT 4 THEME: Making History

  • Essential Question: Why is the past important?
  • Reading Workshop: Read biographies and understand the elements of the genre.
  • High Frequency Words: Week 1) new, thank, always, found, please; Week 2) were, pull, every, any, very; Week 3) away, our, light, never, pretty; Week 4) again, how, read, soon, both; Week 5) carry, going, been, words, does; Week 6) other, right, may, give, number


Topic 4 - Weather and Seasons

What can you tell about the weather and seasons?

Social Studies

Unit 1 - Civics

Essential Question: How do we help others?


In art, we are working on patterns. In music, we are starting Chapter 5: Mi, Sol, La.

2nd Grade


Unit 4: Length

Measurement, Addition and Subtraction, and Line Plots


UNIT 4 THEME: Making a Difference

  • Essential Question: Why is it important to connect with other people?
  • Reading Workshop: Read narrative nonfiction and understand its elements.
  • High Frequency Words: Week 1) sometimes, mountains, young; Week 2) being, talk, song; Week 3)above, family, music; Week 4) color, questions, area; Week 5) horse, problem, complete; Week 6) since, usually, friends


Topic 4 - Earth's Processes

Essential Question: What can cause land to change?

Social Studies - My Community

Unit 1 - Geography and Mapping Skills: People, Places, and Environments


In art, we are working on patterns. In music, we are starting Chapter 5: Mi, Sol, La.

4th Grade


Unit 4: Fractions, Decimals, and Measurement

Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication


UNIT 4 THEME: Impacts

  • Essential Question: How do our stories shape our world?
  • Reading Workshop: Know about different types of traditional literature and understand their elements.
  • Trade Book: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon - Due April 15, 2022
  • Unit Academic Vocabulary Words: reveal, traditional, illustrate, interpret, predict
  • Words of the Week: Week 1) deceived, bargain, reputation, astonishment, composure; Week 2) accentuated, obliged, misled, commendable, riled; Week 3) sensitive, exchange, deed, insisted, satisfied; Week 4) drought, intricate, wavering, unbidden, snoozing; Week 5) shrewd, ornate, temperaments, parapet, infernal
  • Week 6 Project: Choose an American tall tale, folktale, or legend and research to explain the origin of the tale to create a class presentation.


Topic 5 - Earth's Natural Hazards

Essential Question: What impact do natural hazards have?

Social Studies

Topic 8 - A Crop Duster Tour of the Midwest

Essential Question: Why do we call the Midwest “America’s Heartland”?

Students "tour" the Midwest in a crop duster and listen to a tour guide and view images of the Midwest.

Topic 9 - Agricultural Changes in the Midwest

Essential Question: How has farming changed in the Midwest over time?

Students analyze images of farm life in 1800, 1900, and today to discover how agriculture has changed in the Midwest.


In art, we are learning about patterns. In music, we are working on our sheet music.

5th Grade


Unit 3: More Decimals and Fractions

Multiplication and Division


UNIT 4 THEME: Liberty

  • Essential Question: What does it mean to be free?
  • Reading Workshop: Know about different types of fiction and understand the elements of historical fiction.
  • Trade Book: Guns for General Washington - Due April 15
  • Unit Academic Vocabulary Words: limitation, grace, noble, empower, resist
  • Words of the Week: Week 1) endure, ponder, commotion, commenced, strapping; Week 2) resembled, suspicious, relaying, stalking, solemnly; Week 3)convention, delegates, ratification, petition, violations; Week 4) demonstrators, mistreated, qualified, segregation, sympathize; Week 5) provisions, terrain, settlement, bandits, oblige
  • Week 6 Project: Conduct research to find what freedom means to different people and create a poster to show what you think it means to be free.


Topic 5 - Human Impacts on Earth's Systems

Essential Question: How can we protect Earth's resources and environments?

Social Studies - America's Past

Topic 9 - Life in Colonial Williamsburg

Essential Question: What were key parts of life for Southern colonists in the 1700s?

Topic 10 - Tensions Grow Between the Colonies and Great Britain

Essential Question: What British actions angered the colonists in the 1700s?


In art, we are learning about patterns. In music, we are working on our sheet music.

7th Grade


Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning

Percents and Statistical Samples


UNIT 4 THEME: People and the Planet

Essential Question: What effects do people have on the environment?

Trade Book: My Side of the Mountain - Due April 29

Writing: Argument Essay - Are the needs of people more important than the needs of animals and the plant?

Science - Life Science

Topic 4 - Reproduction and Growth

Essential Question: What factors influence the growth of organisms and their ability to reproduce?

Social Studies - The Ancient World

Topic 9 - Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Essential Question: How did social class affect daily life in ancient Egypt?

Topic 8 - The Kingdom of Kush

Essential Question: In what ways did location influence the history of Kush?


In art, we are learning about patterns. In music, we are continuing to work through our practice book and learn our festival pieces.