Hurricane Sandy

Economic Devastation

Destruction of the Economy

Hurricane Sandy damaged and destroyed many citizen's homes and many different buildings. As a result of this hurricane, the US has $65 billion dollars in damage costs and $135 million in the Caribbean. Lots of damage or even complete destruction to factories, houses, stores, and the public infrastructure was a result of Hurricane Sandy. Millions were left without electricity and the transportation networks were stopped. Retail, finance, transportation, and manufacturing were the top 4 most harmed industries in this affected region of the US.

What Can Be Done?

We need to be aware of what could happen if the economy completely fails because of this storm's destruction. Also, we need to be aware of what to do when the next potentially destructive storm hits. Many things need to be done in order for our region to rise out of the damage. Reconstructing buildings to better hold up during an intense storm will help buildings and coasts to not become as ruined, therefore lowering damage and other costs. By rebuilding various buildings, it will open up and create many jobs for unemployed people and boost GDP.

Storm Information

Hurricane Sandy was a category 2 hurricane with winds from 80-150 mph. Strong winds and heavy rain did most of the damage to the Caribbean and the north eastern coast of the US. Hurricane Sandy caused 149+ deaths and completely went away about 9 days after it started.