JROB Dugout News 3/4 - 3/8/2019


Notes from Damita

Dear Robinson,

On 2/23, I attended a COTSEN Technology Conference and the following online resource was shared: Open Middle: http://www.openmiddle.com/ it is a free resource for the teacher.

This online platform supports and can possibly supplement our work for enhancing DOK with math problem-solving. Here is just a brief summary of the specifics for this resource:

The name “Open Middle” might sound like a strange name for a website about math problems. However, it references a very specific type of problem we try to encourage here. Most of the problems on this site have:

  • an “open middle” meaning that there are multiple ways to approach and ultimately solve the problem.

Open middle problems generally require a higher Depth of Knowledge than most problems that assess procedural and conceptual understanding. They support the Common Core State Standards and provide students with opportunities for discussing their thinking.

Please be reminded:

Progress Monitor "PlayBook" upcoming 1:1 meeting:

See embedded link:


Staff Collaboration - 3/6 (MS Only) - Continued meeting from 12/13 in establishing/supporting consistent practices for student success in middle school.

Staff Collaboration - 3/13 & 20 - Grade Level Collaboration

Staff Collaboration - 3/27 - HLT Data Analayis

As always...Looking forward to another great week in #JROBNation. As you know we are in full motion toward student proficiency goals with 7 weeks before Spring Break and 9 weeks before SBAC administration. As we push through, continue to ensure each learning opportunity is working to meet the goals that hold students to high expectations.

Respectfully - Damita

SBAC countdown: "PROFICIENCY" is our only GOAL!!

CAASP Resources: Click the Embedded Link

It's allllll ABOUT the .....What, Why, and How

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Reflections on our DOK Study (2/27)...working on the work

Teacher #1 - In a review of my daily learning intentions/tasks and assessment opportunities; my noticings were?

- Although I feel as though I am doing a better job of stretching my students, I feel that the CCRE classes are not being stretched into new levels. I’ve moved to calling on students to share and forcing them into somewhat uncomfortable situations to encourage them to take risk. I do find that with this class, I am more prone to provide lower DOK levels in order to promote success. My goal for the rest of the semester is to move away from this and stretch into DOK 3

Teacher #2 - During the past several weeks with DOK in mind, what considerations and or changes have been made in planning your daily learning intentions and the associated tasks?

- I have noticed how often I am giving DOK 1. As soon as I ask my students a DOK 3 (even occasionally a 2), they are like deer in the headlights. This tells me that I am holding their hand way too much. I need to force them to be learners on their own! This is something that I needed to be aware of at the START of the year; I feel like now they’ve developed some frustrating habits of waiting for ME. The higher DOK’s are so valuable when they’re done...they take a long time, but are well worth it!

Teacher #3 - What additional DOK understandings did this activity have you to think about with assessment questions?

-Yes, It helped to understand that I need to formulate assessments questions, which will enhance students to apply concepts already learned in different situations, to draw conclusions, and use evidence from texts.

3/5 - 3/6 - At Risk Parent Conferences - ES - Minimum Day @ 1:00

Click the embedded link for slide deck for the protocol process, documents to download and information for parents:


At-Risk Conferences Reminders: The following are reminders to help ensure parents are properly notified in the event of retention by June:

  • Teachers must complete the Student Academic Summary (SAS) in LROIX for each student on the At-Risk of retention list.
  • Update your LROIX data frequently, especially Math Facts. Updated "At-Risk of Retention" lists will be printed this Wednesday and placed in your mailbox.
  • Provide parents sufficient notice in order to make the scheduled conference. If a student passes the minimum criteria right before the conference, feel free to inform parents that their child is still behind grade level expectations.
  • Even if you think a student will reach minimum Promotion/Retention criteria in June, parents MUST be met with in March. This includes your RSP students, they are not automatically exempt from retention.
  • Ensure parents sign the form indicating that they have been met with for documentation purposes. Keep your forms handy for June Final Retention Conference.
  • Dr. Hosn, Ms. Spenker and I are available to support you in any way possible.

Lastly, though this is an "At Risk Conference" please be sure to include strengths and growth you have seen in the student when communicating with parent. Parents are often very nervous/apprehensive about March conferences as they know their child is not at grade level. It's about building a trusting relationship with parents to support the child in progress.

At Risk Parent Conferences Middle School - During conferences 3/4-3/8

Middle School will not have minimum days for March 5 & 6 to support "at risk conferences".

However, during the week of March 4-8, you are expected to have 4 conferences with parents during your conference period for students not making adequate progress. This parent conference requirement is in alignment with administrative requirements allowed for use of conference periods.

Ms. Spneker and I will discuss your conversations of support with parents during our data meetings.

March Madness Attendance Challenge is on.... Ready to Win?

During the month STUCO and Dr. Miller challenge alllllll JROB Dolphins to be in school every day to enhance/support SUCCESS.

What: Increase attendance percentages as a grade level

How: Students being in school each day

Why: Because being in school is cool and gets students brain smarter/learn more to meet goals

Prize/reward to:

*1 grade level with highest attendance percentages for a month

*1 grade level with highest increased percentage from previous month

- Afternoon at the JROB Movie IMAX Movie Theater:

Fresh Popcorn, Candy Snacks, Lounge Chairs, Video Games, Dance Off, Photos

JROB's Community Kindness Calendar and Survey on our work

March Elementary Calendar:


March Middle Calendar:


We are 2/3 of the way through the year and it's time to reflect and assess the implementation of our Community Kindness Calendars: A Google survey has been sent to you and your feedback is appreciated to support our continued work in 19-20 with creating classrooms and school community supporting students needs with SEL (U6).

Keep Community Kindness going ........

Via the "60 Second Shout Outs" Click the Embedded Link for the Video and Easy Strategy

Enhancing our Use of Google Classroom and Useful Apps via Tech Tuesday - 3/9 (begins)

March 9 - Know all the features of Google Classroom? (Part I)

March 15 Google Classroom Plus? (Part II)

Please take a quick survey to inform the presenters Ms. Gay and Mr. Boscocho, on gauging the professional learning focus for google classroom training.


March 26 - Useful Apps to support learning for students to make/show meaning understanding)

April 2 - Useful Apps - Part II

April 9 - Useful Apps - Part III

(Apps to include: Padlet, Flipgrid, Booksnaps, Bookcreator, Scratch, Adobespark, POWToons)

Time: 2:30 - 3:30

Where: JROB Library and or open classroom space

Voluntary buttttttt ohhhhhhh soooooo worth your time!!!

For every session you attend, you will be entered into a raffle for a "free/sub release" workday, where a sub will take your class and you can do planning/grading!!

ST Math Progress.....How is your class and grade level progressing??

Our district's school-wide goal is set for 100% syllabus completion by May 1st. A weekly goal is to complete 60 minutes (Grades K/1) and 90 minutes (Grades 2-5) so that our students have an equal opportunity that others in the district have to develop conceptual understanding of the grade-specific Common Core skills. You can also encourage your students to do additional ST Math sessions at home.
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Young Leaders Take Action...Black History Program

Read Across America Literacy Day & Dr. Seuss Celebration - 3/1

Dramatic Results: Week 4 - Coding Artificial Intelligence


This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It is also available on our school's website.

Be in the Know.......Happenings in #JROB Nation