Human Resources Newsletter - Winter

2015/2016 School Year ~ Sue Keogh, HR Associate

Reminder: Update Your Clearances!!

Reference the chart below for the due date of clearances. It's the employee's responsibility to keep their clearances up to date. Letters have recently been mailed to employees effected by the July 1, 2016 deadline.

Instructions for employees to apply for clearances can be found on our website at

Reminder: Log into our website and then you can view all the information on the Human Resources tab.

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Palisades School Board Policy #348: Unlawful Harassment

The Board strives to provide a safe, positive working climate for its administrative, professional and classified employees. Therefore, it shall be the policy of the district to maintain an employment environment in which harassment in any form is not tolerated.

The Board prohibits all forms of unlawful harassment of employees and third parties by all district students and staff members, contracted individuals, vendors, volunteers, and third parties in the schools. The Board encourages employees and third parties who have been harassed to promptly report such incidents to the designated administrators.

The Board directs that complaints of harassment shall be investigated promptly, and corrective action taken when allegations are substantiated. Confidentiality of all parties shall be maintained, consistent with the district's legal and investigative obligations.

No reprisals or retaliation shall occur as a result of good faith charges of harassment.

Board Policy #348 (reference policy 348 in search)

Employees Report Form for Unlawful Harassment

Helpful Tip

Question: What do I need to submit to Human Resources if I change my address?
Answer: Complete and sign an updated Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form

To access this and many other forms:

  1. Enter the Palisades website:
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the homepage, login with your login and password
  3. Click on the "Administration" tab on the homepage
  4. Click on the "Human Resources" link

Winter Walking Safety Tips

Winter can bring snow and ice. Sidewalks and parking lots can be quite dangerous. No matter how well the snow and ice is removed from parking lots or sidewalks, you will encounter some slippery surfaces when walking outdoors in the winter. It is important for everyone to be aware of these dangers and to learn to walk safely on ice and slippery surfaces.

WALK SMART by learning and implementing these suggestions:

alk at a slower pace.

Always stay on designated walkways.

Look for, and avoid, slippery surfaces - assume that all wet, dark areas on pavements are slippery and icy and approach with caution.

Know your limitations – carrying large packages or other items that limit vision can lead to slips and trips.

Schedule extra time - pay attention and don’t rush. Most accidents occur due to inattention or being in a hurry.

Remove -snow or mud from shoes before entering any building.

Traction-make sure your footwear is appropriate and has good traction. Avoid boots or shoes with smooth soles and heels. Instead, wear shoes or boots that provide traction on snow and ice; boots made of non-slip rubber or neoprene with grooved soles are best.

Health and Safety Tips

Palisades School District Going Green - Part Two

Submitted by Alan Klingbeil, Crew Chief Custodian at PALMS

One of the cleaning products that I had a great interest in was a product called Sani Shield. This is a very effective product that helps shield surfaces with an invisible water, soil, and stain barrier coating on which bacteria, mold and mildew will not grow between cleaning. This is very important as your custodial staff uses this product on all common areas. This includes door handles, door surfaces, counters, student desks and cafeteria tables. This product helps reduce the transmission of illness causing bacteria on our hands. This product is non-toxic and fits into our green program.

Hand Soap – In looking for a green hand soap, the main concern was to find one that was safe for our students, staff and the pubic to use. A lot of the hand soaps that are out there are not really the best for our kids to use. They contain different types of chemicals that should be avoided. After exploring the options, Hillyard has a green foam soap that fit the criteria that I was looking for. We use a Cucumber Mellon Premium Foam Hand Soap. The Middle School Staff picked this one after trying 4 different scents. Foam soap is one of the best methods for washing hands. It quickly lathers up and provides the best cleaning when used properly. Always remember to wash your hands often and not to touch your face especially during cold and flu season.

Hand Sanitizer - One of the concerns with hand sanitizer is that it is mostly is made out of alcohol. Our hands absorb what we place in them and we should avoid products containing alcohol when it comes to our kids. Another concern is that older kids have been known to try to get a high out of the alcohol in these products. That is why we use a non-alcohol Instant hand sanitizer. The product we use is made by GoJo and is very safe for our young people to use. It is a foam sanitizer and because of the foam, it uses less per use than other sanitizers. As any sanitizer is not really green, this products helps us reduce the risks of transmission of harmful bacteria.

Green Floor Wax – you may ask, what makes floor wax green? Most floor finishes have zinc in them. This is used to make the floor finish more durable. The problem comes when the finish is removed and placed into our sanitary waste system. The process at the treatment plant doesn’t remove the zinc from the waste water. It is basically passed right through the system and into the receiving waters. This causes water pollution. After piloting 3 different types of green wax, the wax that was chosen was a Rochester Midland product called Duo-cote Floor Finish. This wax contains no zinc and is much more environmentally friendly when removed. On an average, floors are only stripped as needed. By reducing the amount of floors we strip each year, we reduce the amount of wax and stripper we use and there is less impact on the environment.

If you would like to know more, please contact Alan at extension 1411.

Attend a Biometric Screenings at PALMS on January 25, 2016 and Receive a $20 gift card!

This program is for employees that are enrolled in the Palisades School District health insurance. Biometric Screenings are being held in the PALMS Cafeteria from 8 am - 3:30 pm on January 25, 2016.

Sign up today using this link. Participate in the biometric screening and receive a $20 gift card!

As an added bonus, we will also be offering additional Wellness programs in the PALMS cafeteria. There will be free chair massages from 9am to 2pm. Signups will be in the cafeteria. Also available is a free Fatal Vision/Intoxiclock program from 10am to 3pm.

The Fatal Vision/ Intoxiclock Program was developed to educate people on the dangers of drinking and driving. The Fatal Vision program involves the participant to wear goggles that simulate elevated blood alcohol levels. The Intoxiclock demonstrates how a person's level of intoxication changes with increasing levels of alcohol ingestion and the rate at which the body metabolizes it. This program helps to educate individuals about impairment and Blood Alcohol Content (B.A.C.). This demonstration takes approximately 5 minutes per participant.

Please sign up for your Biometric Screenings and take advantage of these free programs also in the cafeteria!

The Palisades School District Trustees are Drew Bishop, Business Administrator, and Dennis Gluck, PSEA First Vice President. Website:

Wellness Incentives for Independence Blue Cross Members

A New Year Brings New Health Resolutions:
**Note: To access the following reimbursement links, you must log into the Palisades School District's website.**

The following reimbursements are eligible for employees enrolled in the Palisades School District health insurance. See details of each program.

Fitness: $150 back when you join at an eligible gym and work out regularly

Weight Management: $150 back when you participate in an approved program

Tobacco Cessation: $150 back when you complete an approved program to help you quit using tobacco

If you have any questions about your health care, contact a Health Advocate for FREE.

The Health Advocate is a great resource of benefits you and your family are eligible for. Learn more today at or call your Health Advocate at 1-866-695-8622.